Funding of Student Cultural Projects

Have you always dreamed of exhibiting your photographs, organizing a concert by yourself, or organizing a workshop? Put briefly: You are simply overflowing with ideas and epiphanies?

Then come to the cultural office of your Studierendenwerk and receive professional advice. The best thing is: next to organizational support, the best ideas will also be supported financially.

This is how it works:


In order to successfully submit an application, you should first read our guidelines. Here you will find the most important information about the requirements and different forms of cultural funding.

Project Description

A well written convincing project description is very important for the success of your application.

In your text, you should answer the following questions:
Who is the event organizer?
Which goals will the project strive to achieve?
With which measurements will the project be implemented?
Which target group will be addressed?
How will the project be advertised?
Why should the project be supported?

Financial Plan

In the financial plan, your estimated profits and expenses for the entire project should be calculated in detail. In order to have a good chance of succeeding, the financial plan should be calculated in an economic and efficient manner.

Examples of expenses which should be included in your financial plan:
-         Earmarked supplies
-         Compensation allowance/ salaries
-         Transportation/ Travel Costs
-         Costs for overnight stays/  food
-         Costs for Rent/ technical supplies
-         Insurance/ Customs Charges
-         Costs for public relations work/ printing costs
-         Other

Examples of profits which should be included in your financial plan:
- Admission fees (Student Prices/ Normal Prices)
- Profits from Sales
- Own funds
- Other
- Requested supporters/ Sponsors (please list them individually with the amount of funding requested)
- Funding requested by the Studierendenwerk

Little Tip: The Financial plan should be leveled out so that the entire expenses (Point 3.1.) are covered by the entire profits (Point 3.2.) plus the requested Funding of the Studierendenwerk. (Point 3.3.).


The Studierendenwerk Thüringen is an important supporter of student culture and would like to be perceived as such in public. For this reason, the obligation to publish our logo in all advertising relevant materials is tied to the support money.

The most common formats and colors have been made available to you here to download:

Our logo in in all colours

logo in green

logo in blue

logo in white

logo in black

Apply for Cultural Funding

Now you only have to:

- fill out the application and sign it
- compose a description of your project
- create a financial plan
- enclose advertising materials/ promotional materials (if available recent ones or ones from the previous year)

And send it to us:

Studierendenwerk Thüringen
Philosophenwerg 22
07743 Jena

Or submit it at the infomation center information center of your choice.

Little Tip: In order to plan with greater certainty, you should submit the completed application to us already within the first phase of planning. The application should be submitted to us no later than two months before the beginning of the project.


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