Information for Foreigners

Guide Pathfinder

In our booklet “Pathfinder” you will find a lot of information concerning Thuringia and the Studierendenwerk:

Do you sometimes have the feeling that university is like a hazardous jungle and often get lost? Do you sometimes find yourself walking from pillar to post just to return the pillar again? Never fear! The “PATHfinder” is here!  With this booklet designed by the Studierendenwerk Thüringen, you should not have these kinds of troubles anymore. This PATHfinder will help you to manage your daily student life, explain uncommon and unknown abbreviations, such as ASB, PSB, M18 or IC and will also provide you with interesting facts about your new home: Thuringia.

The PATHfinder is a guide which has been specially created for foreign students and their daily life. Have fun browsing through the pages!

View from Outside of the Studierendenwerk

International partnerships and international exchanges are close to our
heart. It is very important for us to get feedback from outside, because our
goal is to continuously improve our offers to foreign students.

Here you can find reports from students and colleagues, who visited and
worked with us and who could gain some experiences of our operation methods
and of our internal structures.

Field of Culture and International Business
(Internship report from Etienne Meunier, Université Jules Verne Amiens, France)

Field of Information Centers
(Trainee Report from Yun Xue, University Dalian, China)

Final report  China-Trainee-Program2 2012-13
(Final report of Yun Xue, Trainee in china-Trainee-Program 2012-13)

Information around dormitories for students

Do you need accomodation?

If you wish to apply for a place in the Studierendenwerk’s halls of residence, you are required to fill out an application form, see  online application   (choose the English Version!).

An illustrated dorm dictionary to go

This dorm dictionary in three languages (german, english and chinese) you dan try out with an app on your smartphone to make your everyday life much easier!


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