Proof of Use

Four Steps for you – 1 piece of evidence for us

For your fully completed proof of use, please keep the following documents ready to submit:

Project Report

In the project report you will document the course of your project and justify the usefulness of the financial resources.

Your Project Report should include the following information:
- Deadlines/ Locations
- Participants/ Number of Visitors
- Use of the financial resources
- Accomplishments
- Challenges
- Prospect for future projects


With voucher copies and documents for the public relations work, you impressively demonstrate and prove the success of your project.

Such documents belong to this list for instance:
- Flyers/ Posters
- Press Reviews
- Pictures
- Voucher Copies
- Exhibition Catalogues


In addition to the sum of funding, we have also named the purpose of usage, for which the financial grant money should be used, in your notice of granting.  For proof of these expenses, we require the original receipts from you. In reasonable exceptions, we also will accept copies of these receipts. In such a given case, please mark on the copies, where the original receipts will be archived for the next five years, in case of an examination.

Numerical Evidence

Here your actual earnings and expenses for the whole project should be broken down in detail. For the listing of individual items, you should orient yourself around the information you gave in your financial plan on the website of cultural financial support.

Submit Proof of Use

The completed proof of usage should be sent to:

Studierendenwerk Thüringen
Philosophenweg 22
07743 Jena

Applications and proofs of usage can also be received at the Information centers of your Studierendenwerk. Do not forget: The completed proof of usage form should have been received by the Studierendenwerk by at least a month after the project ends.


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