Dining Hall Carl-Zeiss-Promenade

  • Address
  • Mensa Carl-Zeiss-Promenade
    Carl-Zeiss-Promenade 6
    07745 Jena

  • Opening Hours
  • Monday – Friday
    7 a.m. - 3 p.m.
    Lunch 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.

  • Miscellaneous
  • dining hall 700  
    coffee bar 40
    terrace 120

Menu of the dining hall

Menüart Menu Price
Lunch option A baked meatloaf, mashed potatoes, onion sauce, fruit yoghurt

Content: Gl,Mi,Nu,S,Sel,Sen,So,Su,1,2,3,5,8  
  1,50 €
Lunch option B chick peas ball, vegetable couscous, ginger-yoghurt dip

Content: V,Gl,Mi,Sel,Wz  
  2,00 €
Lunch option C Asian style vegetable fry-up, tofu, Chinese noodles

Content: V,V*,Gl,K,Sen,So  
  1,75 €
Lunch option D rice, potatoes, mixed vegetable, cauliflower, chicken sauce, chicken escalope "Cordon bleu"

Content: G,Mi,Wz,2  
  2,60 €
Kennzeichnung von Zusatzstoffen und Fleischsorten in den Speiseangeboten / Allergenkennzeichnung für diesen Tag (PDF)
Menüart Menu Price
Lunch option A coalfish baked in pastry, potatoes, apple, a further component

Content: F,Fi,Gl,Sen,T,1,7  
  1,75 €
Lunch option B mozzerella sticks, noodles, tomato sauce, banana

Content: V,Gl,Mi,Ro,Wz,1,7  
  2,30 €
Lunch option C pepper curd cheese, potatoes, apple, a further component

Content: V,Mi,7  
  1,50 €
Lunch option D beef goulash, potatoes, bread dumplings, mixed vegetables, buttered beans

Content: Ei,Gl,Mi,R,Wz  
  2,60 €
Kennzeichnung von Zusatzstoffen und Fleischsorten in den Speiseangeboten / Allergenkennzeichnung für diesen Tag (PDF)
Menüart Menu Price
Lunch option A Szegediner style pork goulash, potatoes, apple

Content: Gl,S,Wz,7  
  1,75 €
Lunch option B baked squid rings, vegetable rice, garlic sauce, banana

Content: Gl,K,Mi,T,We,1,3,7  
  2,60 €
Lunch option C spaghetti with Beluga lentils

Content: V,V*,Gl,Wz  
  1,50 €
Lunch option D gratinated turkey steak with pineapple, rice, potatoes, buttered green peas

Content: G,Gl,Mi,Wz,1  
  3,00 €
Kennzeichnung von Zusatzstoffen und Fleischsorten in den Speiseangeboten / Allergenkennzeichnung für diesen Tag (PDF)

In the meal plan, the price for students is shown. Employees and Guests pay an additional. The amounts of the additional can you find out of the notice on location.

Marking of meat varieties and additives in food stuffs in meal offers

according to the Authorization Regulation permitting the use of additives (ZZulV) § 9 Indication:

1: with Colorants (more information)
2: with Preservatives (more information)
3: with Antioxidants (more information)
4: with Flavour enhancers (more information)
5: Sulphurization (more information)
6: Blackening (more information)
7: Wax (on Fruit) (more information)
8: with Phosphate (more information)
9: with Sweeteners (more information)
10: contains a source of Phenylalanine
(more information)
13: can affect the activity and attention
span of children
14: frosting contains cocoa powder
15: contains caffeine
16: contains quinine
Gl: contains Gluten
Wz: contains wheat
Ro: contains rye
Gs: contains barley
Hf: contains oat
Di: contains spelt
Ka: contains kamut (Khorasan-wheat)

Er: contains peanuts
Nu: contains nuts
Ma: contains almonds
Ha: contains hazelnuts
Wa: contains walnuts
Ca: contains cashew
Pe: contains pekan

Pa: contains Para nuts (Brazil nuts)
Pi: contains pistachio
Mc: contains macadamia

Kr: contains crustaceans
Ei: contains chicken egg
Fi: contains fish
So: contains soya
Mi: contains milk and milk sugars

Sel: contains celery
Sen: contains mustard
Ses: contains sesame
Su: contains sulfur dioxide/sulfites
Lu: contains lupin
We: contains molluscs
A: contains alcohol
F: fish
G: poultry
K: garlic
L: lamb meat
R: beef meat
S: pork meat
W: venison meat

T1: contains animal gelatine
T2: contains animal rennet
T3: contains real carmine
T4: contains squid ink
T5: contains honey
V: vegetarian meals
V*: vegan meals

  Meal offers with organic components (Certification number DE-ÖKO-021-inspection point)

  mensaVital (more information)

  without additives subject to declaration

  This dish is also available as a children’s meal after presenting a children’s identification card (side dishes and vegetable freely selectable).

When preparing the food, we generally use organic component spicery.
If we use any additional additives, our staff members responsible for serving the food will inform you of them.

Attention! The Department of Mensas& Cafeterias are regularly looking for student assistants.

Contact person

Michael Pfeifer, Kitchen Director
Kerstin Wolleschensky, Dining Hall Manager


WA Merketalstraße 48 in Weimar eingeweiht

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