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Attention! For general questions to the housing area, terms of lease, etc, please turn to the contact partner listed on the main page for Accomodation. The following contact partners are responsible for tenants in our housing area:

Heike Stutzig
Renate Just
Barbara Markscheffel
Angela Rasemann

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Am Ehrenberg 6 Am Helmholtzring 2,4 Am Helmholtzring 3 Ehrenbergstraße 37 Goetheallee 11 Max-Planck-Ring 2 Max-Planck-Ring 4 Max-Planck-Ring 6,8 Max-Planck-Ring 7 Max-Planck-Ring 9 Max-Planck-Ring 16 Max-Planck-Ring 18 Max-Planck-Ring 18 Max-Planck-Ring 6-8 Max-Planck-Ring 10

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