The Department of Student Living is happy to help you find the most suitable living space. The Studentenwerk Thüringen administers a total of 64 residential complexes with around 7400 rooms. On the following pages, you will find important information about our residential complexes, as well as everything you need to know about obtaining a room and much more.

Here you find information concerning the thoska.

The Studentenwerk's rental prices are flat rates – between 104,00 € to 313.00 € per month – and include all utilities (water, electricity, heat, etc.). Most rooms are furnished (with a bed, table, chair, wardrobe closet and shelf) and have modern built-in kitchens which include a stove and refrigerator. Kitchen utensils, silverware, cooking and eating utensils are not part of the kitchen appliances provided.

The Studentenwerk offers a special service for international students: dorm tutors. They will be your first contacts and will help you get settled. For students who are new to Germany, there is also a service package which could be of interest to them. If you’re looking for a private room, we can also help you with private rooms.

If you have questions regarding housing subsidies, please turn to "General Social Counseling".

Contact persons on the university locations

Erfurt, Nordhausen and Weimar:

Gunter Stützer, Main Administrative Assistant
Silke Müller, Administrative Assistant

Ilmenau and Schmalkalden:
Karsten Watterott,
 Main Administrative Assistant
Ute Ludwig, Administrative Assistant

Jena and Gera:
Jana Jakob, Main Administrative Assistant
Monique Jordan, Administrative Assistant


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