Child Day Care Center Campus-Kinderland

Directly on the campus of the University of Erfurt, you will find our day care center. It has been set up in a former dormitory building which is located next to the new university library. Right in front of the house we have a newly constructed playground. Even though we are situated far away from any traffic and street noise, we are still conveniently linked to the city’s public transportation routes and are also easily reached by car and bicycle.

Core Concepts

The developments in the field of early childhood education show that the core concepts of our pedagogical work have to change and we have, therefore, begun to revise our concept. The implementation of the Thuringian Education Plan has motivated us to create our own individual pedagogical concept. Since September 2010, our team has continuously revised our focal points. The basis of our work is based on regional-education, impulses from the situational approach and prejudice aware education and upbringing (Children’s worlds).

Important things we consider during the revision of our conception are:

  • accompanying the children and conversing with them daily
  • supporting the self determination and independence of the children
  • allowing projects to come out of daily situations and the children’s interests
  • giving the children the right to decide with us in their daily routine
  • offering the children independent of their origins and religious affiliation the same chances at an education
  • having the parents and educational staff work together as partners in the support, care, education and upbringing of the children
  • maintaining consistent contact with other pedagogical facilities/ educational staff members

participating in further trainings and reflecting our work

Saalestr. 5 / 6
99089 Erfurt

Tel. 0361–7371851

Katalin Buri, Marita Eberhardt

from the first year of age

Mo-Fr: 06.30 - 17.00

mondays 10:00 - 12:00 and 14.00 - 16.00 Uhr

80 children

located in a peaceful area integrated with the campus of the university Erfurt

"Räuberhöhle" - the flexible Day Care Center on the University Erfurt

In cooperation with the University of Erfurt, the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt and the Studierendenwerk Thüringen offers flexible child care on the university campus at Plauener Weg 8.

Student parents and staff members at the University of Erfurt, the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt and the Studierendenwerk Thüringen the  can leave their children (max. 14) within the ages of 12 weeks to 10 years old in the care of two student assistants with experience in child care for a maximum of four hours a day, and a maximum of 10 hours a week in order to attend seminars, for example, or visit the library, take advantage of open office hours or simply take care of daily errands. In order to help make studying and working stress-free, the child day care is open Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 8 pm and on Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. Booking a place can be done in blocks (each block = 2 hours) Blocks can also be booked over a longer period of time. Pay for a block of two hours a student 4,- € and 6,50€ university employees. External users can take care of for 10,00€ for one block. The payment is either made at the cashpoint of the Mensa Altonaer Straße, at the cashpoint of the Mensa Nordhäuser Straße or by direct debit.

Contract of childcare (Registration)

Registration information

General Terms and Conditions of Use

Flexible Kinderbetreuung „Räuberhöhle“, Plauener Weg 8, 99089 Erfurt
Tel.: 0151 54468227, E-Mail:
Website for more information about Räuberhöhle:

Detailed information can be found at the Equal Opportunities Office, Nordhäuser Straße 63, 99089 Erfurt, Employee Building 1, Building Extension, Room 07, Tel. 0361-7375065, gleichstellungsbuero(at)

Kinderladen - the flexible Child Day Care Center on the FH Erfurt

In cooperation with the Erfurt University of Applied Sciences (FH Erfurt), Studentenwerk Thüringen offers a flexible childcare service.

Students and staff members of FH Erfurt and the University of Erfurt can leave their children (between 12 weeks and 10 years of age) in the care of experienced student childcare workers for a maximum of four hours a day or ten hours a week in order to attend seminars, visit the library, make use of office hours or simply to get everyday chores done. Up to five children can be taken care of at the same time.

For stress-free study and work the opening times of the facilities are from 8:00-20:00 Mon-Thu and Fridays 8:00-16:00, as well as at weekends through prior arrangement. Booking of places takes place in blocks of two hours, which can also be booked for longer time periods. One block costs €4.00 for students and €6.50 for staff. Guests may also use the facility at €10.00 per block. Payment takes place at the cash desk of the Mensa Altonaer Straße, the Mensa Nordhäuser Straße or by direct debit.


Flexible childcare service "Kinderladen", Altonaer Straße 25, 99085 Erfurt, Room 11.E.11/12

Website of 'Kinderladen'

Information also available at the Equality Office Altonaer Straße 25, 99085 Erfurt, Room 7.1.13, Tel.: 03 61 / 67 00 - 71 2, E-Mail:

General Terms and Registration

Until further notice resgistration must be submitted to the Infopunkt/Studierendenwerk:

phone: 0151-54 46 82 21

  • office hours FH Erfurt: room 11.E.22: Monday and Friday 11am - 2pm
  • office hours Uni Erfurt: Monday to Friday 11am - 2pm

Contract of childcare (Registration)

Registration information

General Terms and Conditions of Use


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