Often it is the small things that make the everyday life of studying with children easier. Next to our child day care opportunities, information and advice centers, the Studierendenwerk also offers many little services and is committed to continuously extending these services.

Accomodation Offers

For families we have especially suitable living spaces in our residential complexes in Erfurt, Ilmenau, Jena, Schmalkalden and Weimar - see overview. When the living place is punctually applied for, students with children are given special consideration.

Standort Residential Homes
Erfurt Marcel-Breuer-Ring 3/5/7
Plauener Weg 8
Ilmenau Am Helmholtzring 2a-e, 4a-e (Haus K)
Am Helmholtzring 3 (Haus N)
Jena Schlegelstraße 2,4,6,8
Schlegelstraße 5
Emil-Wölk-Str. 9
Stauffenbergstr. 2
Stauffenbergstr. 2a
Karl-Marx-Allee 1,3,5,
Hügelstraße 1
Schmalkalden Blechhammer 9b - Haus I
Blechhammer 9b - Haus II
Weimar Merketalstraße 48
Diaper Changing Stations

Diaper Changing opportunities for your little ones can be found so far at our dining halls in Nordhäuser Straße and Altonaer Straße in Erfurt, in the Ehrenberg dining hall in Ilmenau, in the dining halls at Ernst-Abbe-Platz, Philosophenweg and in the rooms of  "JuniKinder" –  the flexible Child Day Care Center on the Uni-Campus in Jena as well as in the Blechhammer dining hall in Schmalkalden.

Play Centers

So that you can enjoy your meal time in peace, play centers for your little ones have been set up in the cafeterias in in Nordhäuser Straße and Altonaer Straße in Erfurt, in the dining halls at Ernst-Abbe-Platz and Philosophenweg in Jena, as well as in the Ehrenberg dining hall in Ilmenau.

Children’s Lunch

Children’s lunch for our little guests can be obtained at all our dining halls and cafeterias (except at the Career Academy in Eisenach) simply by showing your child’s identification card from the Studierendenwerk.


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