Short-term rentals

The Studierendenwerk offers short-term rentals for students at Thuringian universities. Interested students can book the accommodation for short-term stays - e.g. during an internship or exam period.

Short-term rentals in Erfurt, Ilmenau, Nordhausen, Schmalkalden and Weimar

Students who are looking for accommodation for a short stay at the place of study can contact the following persons to discuss all further details with them:

For Erfurt and Nordhausen:
Silke Müller
Nordhäuser Straße 63 
99089 Erfurt 
Phone: 0361-7371806
Fax: 0361-7371991
For Schmalkalden and Ilmenau:
Ute Ludwig
Max-Planck-Ring 9 
98693 Ilmenau 
Phone: 03677-691917
Fax: 03677-693301
For Weimar:
Sybille Küttner
Marienstr. 15a 
99423 Weimar 
Phone: 03643-581535
Fax: 03643-581662

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