Information on purchasing the Deutschlandticket at the Nordhausen location


The following points should be noted for the summer semester 2024:

  • You must apply for a new Deutschlandticket upgrade for the summer semester.
  • The current subscriptions via Deutsche Bahn all end on 31.03.2024 without the need to cancel.
  • The application must be submitted by 19.03.2024 inclusive.
  • Please note that the previous prices will still be displayed and debited for the months of April and May. Any overpayments will be automatically refunded in May.

In the following table you can find all the information you can use at the Nordhausen location to purchase the Deutschlandticket for the summer semester 2024.

Provider Monthly additional payment in SoSe 2024 Application to be submitted until Documents to be submitted or to be presented Link Issue as
Deutsche Bahn € 35.11 Eight working days (Mon - Fri) before the beginning of the month; applications submitted later can only be taken into account for the month after next Certificate of enrolment for SoSe 2024 must be uploaded Online-Application with Deutsche Bahn Online resp. mobile phone ticket

Please note that a subscription is always taken out for the Deutschlandticket!

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