Semester ticket PLUS

The semester ticket PLUS is available to graduates (students who have de-registered) of Thuringian universities who were already able to use the DB Regio rail ticket (note - no public transport ticket!). The semester ticket PLUS for the use of the regional transport of the Deutsche Bahn can be applied for within two months from the date of de-registration (effective date).
The contract can be started on any day of a month (using a subscription starter card Abo-Startkarte) and it lasts for a total of six consecutive months. The amount is debited as a one-off payment. With a subscription start card, the amount is paid in cash and a provisional ticket is issued immediately at the counter. If you submit your subscription application by the 10th of a month, the amount will be debited on the 1st of the following month. If the subscription is submitted after the 10th of the month, the amount will be debited on the 1st of the second following month.
The period of validity is six months from the date of validity. The fully completed application for the semester ticket PLUS can be submitted to the DB Travel Centres or sent to:

DB Vertrieb GmbH Abo-Center Stuttgart
Postfach 10 10 64
70009 Stuttgart
Phone: 0180 5 011066

The fare is € 101.80 for the students in Erfurt, Jenak and Weimar and € 61.80 for the students in Ilmenau, Eisenach, Gera, Nordhausen and Schmalkalden. Proof of eligibility to purchase the semester ticket PLUS is provided by submitting a (possibly provisional) certificate of de-registration signed and stamped by the respective university. Detailed information on the areas of validity and the fare regulations as well as the application form can be found here:

Terms and Conditions of Transportation and Scope of Application Semesterticket PLUS
Application Subscription Semester Ticket Thuringia PLUS

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