Parental fees

Calculation of parent fees

According to our General Terms and Conditions of Use, the amount of the parental fees to be paid is determined by the fee regulations/tables valid at the individual centres/cities. In Ilmenau and Nordhausen, for example, parental fees depend on the age of the child to be cared for, the time of care and, for siblings, the order of birth within the family. Furthermore, parental fees are based on income at the Erfurt and Weimar centres.

We require the "Application for Determination of an Individual Parental Fee" together with the documents mentioned in the application to determine the individual parental fees, first at the beginning of childcare and thereafter once a year in each case.

Application for Determination of an Individual Parental Fee

The city of Jena is responsible for calculating parental fees for the Jena day-care centre.

Legal bases

General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Studierendenwerk Thüringen

Fee table Erfurt

Statutes Ilmenau

Statutes Nordhausen

Guidelines Weimar

Statutes Jena (Kita-Gebührensatzung, Kita-Benutzungssatzung)


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