Studierendenwerk is involved in various ways with many different projects and partnerships which encourage and promote international exchange. Whether in cooperation with the its partner facility CROUS Amien-Picardie, the ongoing participation in the China Trainee Program together with the Robert Bosch Foundation or in the project Studium +M supported by the Mercator Foundation, which mentors students from migrant backgrounds, Studierendenwerk Thüringen is active in many areas.

Cooperation with CROUS Amien-Picardie

In May 2008, the two student bodies in Thuringia and Amiens, France, agreed on a partnership contract which has everything- this international cooperation has the power to mobilize.

As a part of this, two groups of students from Thuringia and Picardy participate in an exchange once a year and work together for a week in each country to present findings on the group's neighboring country on the topics of music, dance, photography, sport and many others.

Our international interns gain a lot of experience and knowledge through participation in long-term visits (up to three months) in the partner facility and taking part in intercultural projects there.

Staff are also able to broaden their horizons by observing their colleagues in departments in order to get to know new work environments.

All programs not only aid professional and language qualification but also the intercultural sensitization of staff and students in Thuringia and Picardy.

Because we the internationalization of student bodies is not only something that we want to educate about- we also want to experience it!

CROUS Amiens-Picardie
25 rue St Leu BP 541
80005 AMIENS Cedex 1

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DAAD PROFIN Model Project KoKoS

To aid the integration of international junior employees during studies in Jena and thus to achieve a sustainable connection to the wider field of higher education in Germany, Studierendenwerk Thüringen for DAAD support for its International Center for the duration of the project between April 1 2009 and December 31 2011 in cooperation with Friedrich Schiller University and the University of Applied Sciences Jena.

The PROFIN Model Project allowed this application to be put into practice.

Objectives of the KoKoS Model Project

The following measures were introduced as part of the Model Project KoKoS in the International Center in Jena:

1. Setup of a Contact and Coordination Point (KoKoS) in the IC Jena

2. Appointment of a coordinator for press and public affairs (PÖK)

3. Appointment of an international team for students (International Scouts)

4. Establishment of a regular schedule of events

5. Cooperative public work for the facility

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Sponsor DAAD -

International Center - Haus auf der Mauer

Profin Model Projects


DAAD Profin Model Project - Foreigners Become Friends Weimar

At the institute location in Weimar, the percentage of international students has grown from 12% in 2004 (statistical yearbook Weimar 2004) to 21% (statistical yearbook Weimar 2012). In order to offer these students a platform in which to integrate into society, Studierendenwerk Thüringen initiated the project 'Foreigners Become Friends' in 2004- a mentoring program designed to provide a mutual exchange between international students and locals of Weimar.


This mentoring program was started through PROFIN project sponsorship from October 2010 to July 2013 and was expanded with the aim of developing 'Foreigners Become Friends' into a contact platform and to centrally pool opportunities for international students.

This has lead to weekly events for international students, close relationships with local partners (local authorities, higher education institutes, volunteering agencies etc.) and online services to better support these students, among other things.

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Sponsor DAAD -

Profin Model projects

Foreigners Become Friends Weimar

Weimar International Network - WIN


Mercator Foundation Studium +M - kompTEAM

As part of the project Studium +M, instigated by the Mercator Foundation, Studierendenwerk Thüringen receives project funding for the improvement of mentoring for students from migrant backgrounds.

The project titled kompTEAM describes the idea of team competence education within Studierendenwerk Thüringen in order to specialize guidance and mentoring for students from migrant backgrounds. Higher education institutions in Thuringia are becoming increasingly intercultural. We acknowledge the particular need for adequate guidance and contact for students from migrant backgrounds at the institute locations University of Music Franz Liszt (15.7% of student body) and Bauhaus University Weimar (1.9% of student body).

Equally great is the pressure for Studierendenwerk to adapt to this, along with a call for action at the Weimar institute location.

Together with the target of increasing success in studies for the target group of students from migrant backgrounds, this concept also aims to foster a welcoming culture. This requires cultural sensitivity from our staff, who need to deal with matters in an inclusive manner.

In order to achieve this goal, extensive measures are planned within Studierendenwerk and will take place in five phases from March 2015 to February 2018.

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Project Studium +M

Sponsor Mercator Foundation

Robert Bosch Foundation China Trainee Program

Studierendenwerk Thüringen has taken part in three cycles of the Robert Bosch Foundation China trainee program.

As part of this exchange program, Chinese students visited Studierendenwerk Thüringen for a semester and worked on international projects as part of their traineeships.

China Trainee Program 2012/2013 – Trainee: Yun Xue

The project from CTP 2012/2013 was chiefly devoted to the understanding of organizational structures within Studierendenwerk and Thuringian higher education institutes, as well as the sensitization for German staff to the needs of Chinese students.

This first CTP was solely located in the department for Social and Cultural Matters and took place in the Jena location.

The trainee, Yun Xue, observed in various areas of Studierendenwerk and its institutes. Through this, she was able to compare and contrast her experiences with those of the Chinese higher education system.

Yun Xue organized training seminars across Thuringia for Studierendenwerk staff in order to share her experiences and to educate staff about Chinese habits and particularities.

The greatest merit of Yun Xue during her time on the CTP was her warm, engaging manner. To this day, staff members remember her presentations and the content she provided.

China Trainee Program 2013/2014 – Trainee: Kun Wang 

Through carrying out the first cycle of the CTP, it was realised, amongst other issues, that a number of misunderstandings were present between Chinese students and Studierendenwerk Thüringen, particularly in the field of student accommodation. The second CTP was intended to address this. The program was carried out cooperatively between the Student Living and the Social and Cultural Matters departments. The trainee, Kun Wang, was stationed and accommodated at the Ilmenau location.

After taking part in introductory phases in both departments and observations at the Ilmenau University of Technology, Kun Wang carried out a survey at the Erfurt and Ilmenau locations. The objectives of this research were to gain information about the life situations, expectations and difficulties experienced by Chinese students and to assess opportunities for improvement.

Kun Wang and Studierendenwerk acted on these results and by the end of the project and information brochure for Chinese students was produced, in Chinese and in German, which was initially introduced in Ilmenau and then extended to all institute locations in Thuringia.

China Trainee Program 2014/2015 – Trainee: Fu Chen

The survey from the second cycle of the CTP showed, amongst other things, that the majority of Chinese students participating in the survey were dissatisfied with the range on offer in our dining facilities. This led to the decision to carry out the third cycle of the CTP in this particular field.

The CTP in the winter semester 2014/2015 was supported by close cooperation between the departments of Dining Halls and Cafeterias and Social and Cultural Matters.

The trainee, Fu Chen, organized 'China days' in the dining facilities of three different institute locations, which offered original Chinese recipes developed by the trainee himself. The 'China day' in the dining hall was then followed by a Chinese evening for students as part of Café International and Culture Talk.

During dining hours at the facilities in Erfurt, Weimar and Jena, Fu Chen handed out surveys in order to work out the needs of Chinese, German and international students in our dining halls.

The categorization of the surveys into three target groups made the survey particularly interesting as this made it possible for Studierendenwerk to compare and contrast people's wishes in these three groups for the first time.

In the survey it was particularly strongly expressed that international and Chinese students get a sense of home from food and particular recipes and that therefore there is a strong desire for intercultural dishes.

This also has an effect on the regularity of visits to our dining halls. International students do not use dining halls as often as their German counterparts.

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China Trainee Program project

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