International Meeting Places

Are you lost in your new home? Do you feel alone and alienated, because you do not know anyone at your university yet? It does not have to be this way!

Your Studierendenwerk offers you many opportunities to meet nice new people and spend a nice social evening in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

German students are interested in exotic things and the Erasmus exchange program.  Just go up and talk to them and take them on a trip by introducing your country to them. Let them take part in your traditions and they will thank you with your friendship.

Café International Erfurt

The „Café International“is a project of the Studierendenwerk Thüringen. Founded in earlier cooperation with the student center of Engelsburg. The objective of this events are to supply the international students of the university in Erfurt with a place for their individual activities and offer them a meeting point in the city of Erfurt.

In addition to going to readings, discos and movie nights, international students from different corners of the world should also be given the opportunity to meet one another and bring each other and others who are interested closer to their home countries. Also, they should be given the chance to develop their own projects, establish contacts and have fun.

But now, after 13 years of cooperation, the Café International moves to the Hörsaal 7 on the campus of the university.
You can find us every tuesday at 8 p.m. at this place!

Café International Jena

Have you already been to Uzbekistan?
Do you know people from Cameroon?
Have you already had authentic Hawaiian food?


Then you are cordially invited to our Country Evenings. Each week of the semester, you can get to know a different country and its representative (students at your university) and participate in traditions in their culture.

During the semester, country evenings will take place every Wednesday from 7 – 9 pm at the International Center in Jena. Here you will find the recent program of the Café International Jena.

Internationales Centrum Jena

The numerous cultures of the world are interwoven and interlaced with one another. The offices in the International Center at the Haus auf der Mauer are just as winding and intertwined. At Johannisplatz 26 in Jena, the international and German students are able to find a meeting point for intercultural exchanges. Here culture lives and thrives internationally and is presented creatively. So much is possible at the International Center, because the ideas and diversity of the events are given almost no limits. With its universally utilizeable premises, the International Center offers enough place for international exhibitions, movie nights, seminars and a comfortable get-together.

The residents of the house consist of organizations, associations and facilities of the universities of Jena and the Studierendenwerk Thüringen. Actively they pursue the same goal to offer international students comprehensive support and opportunities to integrate and interact with one another.

The door to the International Center is open to everyone. The International Center invites its visitors to stay a while and feel themselves at home. Friendships are established here, contacts are maintained and projects are developed and put into action together.

You can find us here – We look forward to seeing you!

Culture Talks Weimar

Every Thursday during the semester at 8.00 p.m., we invite you to come with us on an extraordinary trip at the Marienstrasse 18 (M18):

We organize “Culture Talks” for you here. They offer international and German students in Weimar the opportunity to present their home country to others. The multicultural evenings will be enriched with music typical of that country and delicious culinary snacks from that region.

In this way, with the presentations - we will travel one time around the globe together to South Korea, Argentina, Slovenia, and Ethiopia and even discover new countries that are barely visible on the map. Or have you by chance ever been to “Nerdistan”?

Here you can find the recent dates and many other international events.

Patron programme "Foreigners become Friends" Weimar

You are looking for nice and friendly contacts and good friends? You would like to get to know your new home, Weimar, better? You want to experience German everyday life outside of the university?

Our programme mediates between you and a nice Weimar family or individual patrons. You can meet up regularly and go on excursions or cook together.

And all the while, you can also improve your German and you sponsor will be able to get to know your culture and your country better.

Have we awoken your interest? Here you can learn everything else about our Patron Programme and can immediately register or contact our project coordinator Nadine Keitel.


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