Lease Agreement

A requirement for completing the lease agreement is a valid copy of your current certificate of study.

Upon signing the rental agreement, you will have to hand over a deposit of 300.00 €. According to § 551 Paragraph 3, Sentence 5 BGB, it does not and will not bear any interest. A refund of the deposit or the unaccounted part of the deposit will be paid after two months once the rental contract ended.

The calculation of rental prices and the amount of the deposit are approved and adopted by the administrative board of the Studierendenwerk. The calculation of rent is done in line with the 2nd calculation regulation. No bill will be issued for the annual operating costs.

The monthly paid rental costs are based on a rental period of at least 1 semester (6 months). For shorter periods of rent (less than a full semester), higher rental costs will be charged for the same room.

Calculation Examples:

Beginning of Rent:    01.10.2019     01.10.2019
End of Rent:              31.03.2020    31.01.2020
Duration of Rent:       6 months         4 months
Price of Rent:            200.00 €         275.00 €

Here you can view the sample of a tenancy agreement in PDF-format.

Simply submitting an application does not automatically secure you accommodation in the dorms.


According to the occupancy guidelines, whoever lives in one of our student dormitory buildings has residence entitlement until the end of the normal duration of study. Applications for an extension of the lease period must be submitted in written form no later than 8 weeks before the end of the lease agreement. Please make sure to go to the contact person responsible for your lease agreement in enough time.



If you would like to move within one of our student dormitories, you may place an application at any time. Your responsible contact partner will be able to help you with this process.  It is possible to move within the same dormitory building or to another dormitory building, as long as there is free capacity. There is no claim for a moving.


The termination/cancellation of the lease agreement is regulated by § 4 of the Studierendenwerk. You will be informed by your respective contact partner about preliminary and final acceptance deadlines. The tenancy agreement ends upon expiry of the contractually agreed period of tenancy. If you should wish to cancel your tenancy agreement earlier than end of your tenancy contract, please pay attention to the respective cancellation deadlines according to § 4 of the General Terms and Conditions of Lease.

You may receive important information regarding such terms from your respective contact partner.

Contract for cancellations


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