Main Residence

At several Thüringian University locations, the cities offer those students, who have registered that city as their main residence, a financial incentive.  The reason for this offer is that these cities wish to preserve their population count and receive money from a federal fund for each student who moves and lives there. Each city, however, has their own regulations. More detailed information regarding these regulations may be found further below on this page.

Before you re-register your main residence, please take notice of the following tips:  

  • If you have certain types of insurance which are covered through your parents, then we advise you to check first, if these insurances will still be valid for you, if you re-register your main address. This can affect third party liability, household or legal protection insurance policies, where insurance coverage is coupled with household residency. However, this can also be given by a secondary residence by one’s parents.
  • You may only apply for housing subsidies for your main residence (as long as you are eligible).
  • Voting rights can only be practiced for your main residencial area.
  • You will have to inform the Student Finances Department about your change of main address. Disadvantages will not occur as a result of this action.
  • The re-registration of your main residence has no influence on the children allowance, since entitlement for it is completely independent of where one’s residence is situated.
  • The re-registration of your main residence also has no influence on the family mortgage support, homestead bonus and home construction promotion as long as the secondary residence remains by one’s parents.
  • Your car can be registered only at your main residence.

Regulations of the individual locations:


Attention: As of now, there will no longer be any semester grants in the city of Erfurt. The city administration states:

The decision of the town council at the DS Meeting 2159/10 on November 25th, 2010,  effective immediately, has been lifted and the Guidelines of the State Capital Erfurt about the  granting of a one-time student grant has been appealed.


The city gives out a semester grant of 80 € for the winter semester and for following summer semester to all students that have registered Ilmenau as their main residence by the 31st of December. In order to be eligible for the student grant, students must be 30 years old or younger and must not have reached their 15th semester. The application must be submitted by the 31st of Decemeber. The application can be placed online over the following website:


As a little incentive, the city of Jena offers each student, who has registered Jena as their main or only residence and have not yet reached the age of thirty, a little financial support for their education. This main residence location reward amounts to 60 € per semester. The application is possible for a a maximum of 2 semesters. The application is possible for a total of 2 semesters, i.e. it amounts to a maximum of 120€ for the entire time in Jena and must be submitted to the INFOtake of the Studierendenwerk by December 31st for the current calendar year. 

Application form

Please fill out this application form and send it by e-mail, together with the certificate(s) of study for the semester(s) applied for and a copy of the registration confirmation from the Residents' Registration Office to INFOtake: infotake-jena(at) Or drop all documents in one of the two mailboxes at the INFOtake on Ernst-Abbe-Platz 5. The mailboxes are taught several times a day from October to the end of December. Because of the protection against infection, it should be avoided to visit the INFOtake personally. From now on, the processing of the main residence bonus will only be done by mail and via the mailboxes/mailboxes.
Please note the respective closing times at the turn of the year! Late arrivals cannot be considered.
The payment will be made once a year and with a time delay in the following calendar year in May, without notification by the city of Jena, transferred by the Studierendenwerk Thüringen.


The city offers all students of Schmalkalden, who have registered the city as their main residence, the unbureaucratic take-over of their semester fees in the amount of 47,00 Euro per semester. This also counts for all international students, who have registered their only living quarters in Germany in Schmalkalden.

The beginning of the semester is normally after the 1st of March. and 1st of Sept. of each year and the end of the semester is generally the 31st of Aug. of the same year, and the  28th of Feb. in the following year.
The registration of one’s main residence must have been completed at the citizen’s registration office by the 1st of April or by the 1st of October of the same year.

The semester fee payment will be returned at the end of the semester through the city of Schmalkalden directly to the account of the students.

Registration form for the Main residence location in Schmalkalden and ARegistration for form discounts

Both completely filled out forms are to be submitted at the citizen’s registration office of the city of Schmalkalden after showing one’s personal identity card and a copy of their immatriculation certificate.

Parking Permit and Reductions

An additional attractive offer the city has for those students who have registered Schmalkalden as their main residence is the unbureaucratic absorption of the annual costs for a resident parking permit. Furthermore, a reduced entrance price for events in the multipurpose room organized by the city administration (such as Multimedia Slideshows, Disco events, etc.): instead of paying 100% of the entrance fee, those students only pay 50%.

Registration form for discounts

Both completely filled out forms are to be submitted at the citizen’s registration office of the city of Schmalkalden after showing one’s personal identity card and a copy of their immatriculation certificate.


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