Service Package for International Students

The Service Package is an offer to international students at the university locations Erfurt, Ilmenau, Jena, Nordhausen, Schmalkalden and Weimar.

It covers the expenses for accommodation and other achievements in advance, so the financial charges during the semester will be reduced significantly.

Service Packages are available only for entire semesters, commencing on April 1st or on October 1st.


The Service Package includes the following services:

  • Accommodation in a furnished single room (category 1) or in a single apartment (category 2) in one of the student residences (at the location of study)
  • One set of bed linens (comforter, pillow and bed sheets)
  • Meal tickets valid at the Studierendenwerks cafeterias and dining halls (refectories) in the amount of 280 €
  • Support and counselling
  • Studierendenwerk Contribution Fee
  • Semester Ticket
  • Statutory accident insurance
  • Private accident insurance
  • Liability insurance for vocational training and internships (for students of Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule and Hochschule Nordhausen only)
  • Internet access (available in Jena, Weimar and Erfurt, here for students of the University of Erfurt only)


The Service Package does not include:

  • Health insurance (Evidence of insurance has to be provided.)
  • Security deposit in the amount of 300.00 €
  • Student representation dues (student council)
  • Broadcasting Fees

Since the Service Package consists of different services which vary among the university locations, the prices differ too.

Please note: Service Package can only be offered in the residences listed below.

Category 1

City Dormitory


Erfurt Donaustraße  28-42 1.935,00 € (Uni)

Plauener Weg 8 1.935,00 € (Uni)

Leipziger Str.77a-c 1.875,00 € (FH)

Klingenthaler Weg 12-18 1.875,00 € (FH)
Jena Friesweg 7 1.797,00 €

Johann-Griesbach-Straße 7/8 1.797,00 €
Carl-Zeiss-Promenade 8 1.797,00 €
Clara-Zetkin-Str. 19 1.797,00 €
Maurerstraße 38a 1.797,00 €

Spitzweidenweg 11 1.797,00 €

Hügelstraße 1 1.797,00 €

Moritz-Seebeck-Straße 15 1.797,00 €

Stauffenbergstraße 2a 1.797,00 €

Emil-Wölk-Straße 7/9 1.797,00 €

Karl-Marx-Alee 1,3,5 1.797,00 €
Weimar Schützengasse 2 1.877,00 €

Hummelstraße 2 1.877,00 €

Leibnizallee 10,10a 1.877,00 €

Streichhanstraße 4,4a 1.877,00 €
Nordhausen Weinberghof 6,6a 1.789,00 €

Weinberghof 13 1.789,00 €
Schmalkalden Martin-Luther-Ring 38 1.514,00 €
Ilmenau Am Helmholtzring 2,4 (Haus K) 1.605,00 €

Max-Planck-Ring 10 (Haus E) 1.605,00 €

Ehrenbergstraße 37 (Haus P) 1.605,00 €


Category 2

City      Dormitory                                Price                         
Erfurt             Plauner Weg 8 2.085,00 € (Uni)

Marcel-Breuer-Ring 3,5,7 2.025,00 € (FH)
Jena Schlegelstraße 2,4,5 2.147,00 €
Weimar Leibnizallee 10,10a
2.027,00 €
Merketalstraße 48 2.027,00 €
Nordhausen not possible      -
Martin-Luther-Ring 38 1.724,00 €

Am Helmholtzring 3 (Haus N)

1.784,00 €
  Am Ehrenberg 6 (Haus Q) 1.784,00 €

Please note that the prices are valid for entire semesters, commencing on April 1st or on October 1st.



Please note that in order to process the service package, an application for a place of residence must be submitted in addition to the agreement.    

You can find the link to the application for a place of residence here .
For an easier allocation of your housing application, please note "Applied for Service Package" in the note field of your application.



Applications are valid for only one semester (summer- or winter semester), a one-off extension for the subsequent semester is possible, but for this you have to apply again.

 In order to apply, you have to submit the filled in and signed agreement for the following winter semester by July 31 at the latest and until January 31 for the following summer semester. Attention: Late-filed applications will not be considered!

Please send 2 signed copies of your completely filled in Service Package agreement to the Studierendenwerk Thüringen.

Studierendenwerk Thüringen – Abteilung Wohnen
Philosophenweg 20
07743 Jena


 * If you send the document as a PDF file, please submit the original document to the Studierendenwerk upon your arrival.



After expiry of the application period (July 31st or Jan. 31st), the Studierendenwerk decides on the allocation of Service Packages.

If the number of punctually submitted applications exceeds the amount of available Service Packages, the Studierendenwerk is entitled to award them according to objective criteria (such as the entry date of the applications).

If the Service Package is confirmed by the Studierendenwerk you will get an email containing the valid agreement as well as the payment request. You accept the agreement by transferring the total amount to the given account at due date.

The agreement shall become void without another letter of resignation if the fee is not paid on time.


Please note:

There is no legal claim to a Service Package. The filled in agreement is an application that becomes valid only with the Studierendenwerks consent given by its signature and stamp.


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