Time off

Cultural support of the Studierendenwerk

Have you ever dreamed of exhibiting your pictures, organizing a concert or a workshop? Then come and join us at the Culture Office (Kulturbüro). We advise you and also support projects.

Semester ticket

With the semester ticket you can comfortably discover Thuringia.

International meeting places

The “Cáfe International” located in Erfurt and Jena and the Culture Talks in Weimar take you on a journey around the world. You will get to know new people and make friends easily at the national evenings. 

In the International Centre Internationalen Centrum in the house on the wall at No. 26 Johannisplatz at Jena you will find a meeting place for intercultural exchange. Here, culture is lived internationally and presented creatively.

Café International Erfurt

The "Café International Erfurt" is a project of the Studierendenwerk Thüringen.
Founded and developed in cooperation with the Engelsburg Student Centre, "Café International" moved to Lecture Hall 7 Hörsaal 7 on the campus of the University of Erfurt at the beginning of the 2016 summer semester.

The aim is to offer foreign students at Erfurt universities space for their own activities and a meeting place in Erfurt.

In addition to lectures on the culture and customs of different countries, students from very different nations are given the opportunity to get to know each other, to bring their home countries closer to each other and to all other interested parties but also to develop their own projects, make contacts and have fun. You can get an overview of past and future events on our facebook page.

Just let us know if you have a great idea for an international evening. We're open for everything!

Café International Jena

Have you ever been to Uzbekistan?
Do you know people from Cameroon?
Have you ever eaten original Hawaiian food?

Then you are cordially invited to our country evenings in Jena's city centre. Every week in the semester you can get to know another country and its ambassadors (students of your university) and participate in their culture.

In the International Center (Internationales Centrum) in Jena every Wednesday in the semester from 8 p.m. You find the current program in our cultural news (Kulturnews) or on facebook.

Internationales Centrum Jena

The various cultures of the world are linked and intertwined, just as the rooms of the International Centre in the House on the Wall in Jena are full of nooks and crannies.

At No. 26, Johannisplatz in Jena, foreign and German students find a meeting place for intercultural exchange. Here culture is lived internationally and presented creatively.

Much is possible in the International Centre, there are nearly no limits to the ideas and variety of events. It offers a wide range of facilities for international exhibitions, cinema evenings, seminars and a relaxed get-together.

The residents of the house are organizations, associations and institutions of the Jena universities and the Studierendenwerk Thüringen. They are committed to the common goal of offering foreign students comprehensive support and opportunities for integration and joint interaction.

The International Centre is open to everyone. It invites its visitors to pause there and feel at home. This is where friendships develop, contacts are made, and projects are jointly developed and implemented.

Here you can find us - We are looking forward to you.

Culture Talks Weimar

Every Wednesday in the semester from 8 p.m. we invite you to an extraordinary journey into the project EINS (Schützengasse):

We host the "Culture Talks" here for you. They offer international and German students in Weimar the opportunity to present their home country. These multicultural evenings are embedded in typical local music and delicious culinary snacks from the region.

Together with the speakers we travel around the globe to South Korea, Argentina, Slovenia, Ethiopia and even discovered countries that are hard to find on the map. Or have you ever been to "Nerdistan"?

The current events, schedules and many more international events you find here (on facebook).


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