Directions and local area

We can be reached by car or by public transport. The village of Siegmundsberg has good transport connections, and is situated along the B281 road between Neuhaus am Rennweg and Eisfeld.

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Urban centers such as the state capital of Erfurt or the university town of Jena can be reached by car within 1-2 hours.
With a route planner you can work out the shortest car journey leading to Siegmundsburg or Steinheid.

We can also be reached by travelling to Suhl by DB trainn and then onward with the bus number 700 to Siegmundsburg. The bus stop 'Konsum' is located 100m from the meeting house.


Alongside its picturesque location on the ridge of the Thuringian Forest, this former glassmaking settlement hosts a variety of different hiking spots and tourist attractions. Whether you wish to go hiking, enjoy a cycle tour along the Rennsteig trail, go to the Dreikaiserstrom or to the Werraquelle (source of the Werra river), we are happy to assist you in planning any excursions. In summer, you can also go summer tubing in Siegmundsberg, pan for gold in the Tal der Grümpen valley, or watch glassblowers practising their craft.

In the colder months, winter sport fans can look forward to well-tended ski slopes and the ski hill situated at the house with a snow tubing area.

Hiking routes

  • Rennsteig: famous 168km ridgeway of the Thuringian Forest
  • Dreiherrenstein ('Three-Man Stone'): one of the 13 'Dreiherreinsteine' stones of the Rennsteig
  • Werraquelle: Siegmundsburg spring of the Werra at a height of 800m
  • Bärenfelsen ('Bear Rock'): shale rock
  • Pump storage station: cooperation between technology and nature in Goldisthal

Leisure activities in the immediate area

  • Ski center: alpine lift facility and sledding hill
  • Summer and snow tubing: Siegmundsburg has Thuringia's first summer and snow tubing area
  • Glassblowing art: 'Glasphantasien Möller' (Möller Glass Fantasy)
  • Bowling alley in 'Haus Werraquelle'
  • Horse-and-carriage and sledding trips bookable

Leisure activities further afield

Weather outlook
The Weather in Siegmundsburg

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