Financial Hardship Loans

Middle and Long Term Hardship Loans

The Studierendenwerk Thueringen can give out interest free loans for a maximum of 12 months out of their own resources and out of the resources of the German Studentenwerk. This possibility is intended for students in need, who without having any debt, have landed in a financial hardship which endangers their ability to continue their studies.

When filing the application of an upcoming hardship loan, the student needs to provide proof of their financial need in addition to the prospect of the long-term financing of their studies as well as the prospect of finishing their studies. Hardship loans are made to be a financial aid in temporary financial emergencies. They cannot be used as a replacement for a scholarship or another form of long-term financial support.

To apply for these loans you need to submit:

  • A current certificate of matriculation
  • Proof of income and proof of assets
  • A written declaration of one’s personal situation
  • A directly enforceable guarantee or banker’s guarantee
  • A bank account in the name of the applicant
  • A direct debit mandate

Further information can be found in the guidelines. You can also turn to our co-workers at the General Social Counseling, where you can file the application.

Short time loans

The Studierendenwerk Thüringen also offers short-term financial aid through granting a short-term loan of up to 700.00 €. To apply for this loan you need:

  • A current certificate of study
  • Proof of income and proof of assets
  • A notice of refusal from the Office of Educational Support
  • A direct debit mandate by means of a direct debit
  • Bank account information of the applicant
  • The address of a guarantor, with whom the borrower has no common address

Applications for a short-term loan can also be filed at the General Social Counseling.


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