Leisure-time accident insurance

Additionally to statutory accident insurance, Studierendenwerk (STW) also provides students with leisure-time accident cover. This applies to registered students, including diploma and doctorate students, attending institutes for which STW is responsible.

What is insured?

The insurance cover includes accidents affecting insured persons during leisure time- in other words, all accidents (according to the general insurance conditions) which are not covered by statutory insurance. Cover also includes accidents resulting from participation in a pre-vocational internship, providing the activity is part of preparation for examinations. In cases of doubt, decisions regarding cover will lie with the statutory insurance provider as well as the occupational insurance association. Insurance cover begins on the day of matriculation and ends upon termination of studies, whether through exams, acquisition of a doctorate, exmatriculation, termination of studies, acceptance of a full-time job, etc. Accidents resulting from extreme sports are not covered.

Leisure-time accident insurance cover for trips abroad

Insurance cover is valid worldwide, however certain regions, such as war or crisis zones, are excluded from this. The student must contact the insurance provider before a trip abroad to find out whether or not cover will be provided for this. Queries regarding insurance cover can be made through the information center.

What should be done after an accident?

In order for insurance cover to come into effect, it is required for STW to be notified of an accident taking place as soon as possible (within seven days) and for the insurance provider to be notified of the accident. Notification of an accident must be filled out, signed and handed in to the respective information center together with all necessary documents (e.g. confirmation of matriculation, refusal of statutory insurance cover). STW will then pass the documents on to the insurance provider. Claimants will be contacted directly should more details or further documents be required by the insurance provider.

Parents and/or relatives are to be informed of insurance claims in order to take responsibility for these should the claimant be unable to do so. For safety, please also notify the statutory insurance provider and, in the case of an internship, the relevant occupational insurance association.

Accident claims office
Instuitute of study
Point of contact
Berufsakademie Eisenach INFOtake Jena
Fachhochschule Erfurt WIESEL Erfurt
Universität Erfurt WIESEL Erfurt
Berufsakademie Gera INFOtake Jena
Technische Universität Ilmenau ASC Ilmenau
Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena INFOtake Jena
Friedich-Schiller-Universität Jena INFOtake Jena
Hochschule Nordhausen WIESEL Erfurt
Hochschule Schmalkalden TROLL Schmalkalden or through
Carola Oemus
Max-Planck-Ring 9, Room 4
Tel. 03677–693311
Bauhaus-Universität Weimar INFOtake Weimar
Hochschule für Musik Weimar INFOtake Weimar

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