Limited third-party insurance

Third-party insurance is provided for registered students, including diploma and doctorate students, attending institutes for which Studierendenwerk Thüringen (STW) is responsible. The policy insures legal liability for covered persons and applies to damages resulting from participation in study and research carried out at institutes of study, providing claimants are not employed by the university.

What is insured?

Included in the policy are personal, property and financial damages. The policy also covers unpaid internships and excursions which take place as part of study or research at the institute of study. Also covered are internships and excursions which take place in companies and facilities outside of the institute of study and which as required as part of a study course. The policy covers third-party claims and claims from the place of internship, providing there is no other insurance policy covering these.

The policy does not cover items given to the student by the institute of study for his/her use.

Is the insurance policy also valid abroad?

Third-party insurance is normally valid in all areas of the European Union. In some of these areas, as well as in areas outside of the EU, the limit of liability can be reduced, only partly valid or invalid. The student must contact the insurance provider before a trip abroad to find out whether or not cover will be provided for this. Queries regarding insurance cover can be made through the information center.

What should be done in the case of damages?

Damages should be documented and the relevant STW information center should be notified as soon as possible. The insurance provider must then be sent an accident report through the information center. Accident report forms are available at the information center or can be downloaded here. Accident report forms are to be filled out and handed in to the information center together with all relevant documents (confirmation of matriculation, invoices and quotes, photos etc.). STW will then send the documents on to the insurance provider. The provider will carry out an assessment of the case and will decide if, and to what extent, the claim fulfils the conditions of the policy. Claimants will be contacted directly should more details or further documents be required by the insurance provider.

Please note:

Additional cover:

Should another third-party insurance policy already exist, such as personal insurance cover or that of the family, this will take priority over insurance provided by STW. Claimants are required by law to first inform any personal insurance providers in the event of damages. If only partial cover is provided by a personal insurance policy, or if a claim is rejected, please include details of the conditions of the personal insurance provider when making a claim to Studentenwerk Thüringen through an accident report.

Obligation duty:

The accident report informs claimants about their obligation duty (e.g. prompt and truthful notification of details to the insurance provider). Acceptance of this is given with a signature on the accident report form. Claimants are warned that any deviation of this obligation duty can lead to a release from obligation to perform from the insurance provider and, in some cases, is punishable by law.


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