Semester Fees

According to the Thuringian Student Union Law, each semester every student must pay a fixed fee to his/her local Studierendenwerk and student council (see the Studierendenwerk Thüringen's rules regarding semester fees). This is not a “tuition fee” but rather allows the Studierendenwerk to be able to fulfill certain social responsibilities for the benefit of students.

The semester fee consists of:

  • a social fee for the Studierendenwerk, which is the same for all students and which the Studierendenwerk uses to fulfill its social duties
  • a fee for your Semester Ticket.

In addition to the total fee for one semester, there are additional fees for the accordingly chosen student representatives (student council or student convent) and at certain universities – a one-time fee for the multifunctional thoska chip-card and, if applicable, a one-off contribution for a culture ticket.

The social fees for the Studierendenwerk are used in part to pay for insurance policies and to support cultural initiatives and events through the provision of funding and available event spaces. Counseling and other services are also made possible through the semester fees. The semester fee is collected by your university when you register for the following semester. You can obtain further information at the registrar’s office of the Gera-Eisenach University of Cooperative Education, the infopunkt Erfurt the ASC Ilmenau, the INFOtakes Jena and Weimar, the registrar’s office of the Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences and the TROLL Schmalkalden.

Tips Regarding the thoska card

When you show your thoska as a valid student identity card as a ticket, make sure to check beforehand that the validity date on your thoska has not yet expired and is still easily legible. Otherwise, you will be considered as a passenger without a valid ticket and will have to pay a charge of 60.00 €. Please make sure, for this reason, to validize your thoska in one of the respective validation terminals and ensure that your card remains intact, updated and is easily legible.


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