Regional public transportation ticket

You may use the offers of the EVAG free of any additional charges with your  semester ticket on all routes of the tariff zone 10. In the busses and trams of the Erfurt Regional Transportation, you have to pay for an additional transportation ticket in order to travel with your bicycle. Routes and schedules for the trams and busses as well as additional information can be found on the EVAG homepage:

VMT – Network (Verkehrsverbund Mittelthüringen)

Students of the Erfurt University and of the FH Erfurt can also use all routes of transportation companies of the VMT (Verkehrsverbund Mittelthüringen) - see the summary.

Attention! Important Tip:

The VMT-Semester ticket unit is valid within the entire VMT region. According to Point 3 (Inter-regional trips) of the VMT-fee regulations, the VMT semester ticket is only valid for trips which begin and end within the regional network and are recognized within the entire area of the travelled route.

If this is not the case, a complete and separate ticket must be purchased (from start-station to end-station) for the standard fee of the issuing transportation company used for this trip.

A combination of the VMT semester ticket and the standard fee for a trip is not allowed.
For example, the semester ticket can be used for a trip with Line 820 of the Oberland Omnibus Transport (OVO) from Jena to Stadtroda. For the part of the trip on Line 820 from Jena to Wolfersdorf, the VMT- fee, which includes the VMT ticket, is recognized. However, for a trip from Jena to Neustadt, a ticket must be bought for the entire trip for the standard price of the OVO. The trip cannot be broken up into segments; i.e. from Jena to Wolfersdorf and Wolfersdorf to Neustadt.

More Info:

Please note: Special conditions apply for holders of a VMT Baustein VMT-Semesterticket (semester travel pass) for the usage of teilAuto carsharing vehicles. Further information is available on the VMT website through the following link:

Train ticket

The train ticket is valid in trains of regional transportation (RE, RB) on all routes of the DB Regio up to the last station of the according train in Thuringia (Train rout network plan).

The semester ticket is also valid for the following regional transportation:

  • Abellio Rail
  • Erfurter Bahn
  • Südthüringen Bahn
  • Vogtlandbahn

Exempted are the following routes and trains:

  • trains of excursion traffic and special traffic
  • on the route Obstfelderschmiede – Cursdorf der Oberweißbacher Berg und Schwarzatalbahn (KBS 563)
  • on the route Ilmenau Bf – Bahnhof Rennsteig der Erfurter Bahn GmbH (KBS 566)
  • Nordhausen – Eisfelder Talmühle (HSB)
  • on the route Eisenach - Gerstungen.

As long as the bike transport is free for all passengers in the regional trains, this also applies for the train ticket. Students, who have not received a student identification card from their university, or have received a student identification card that does not provide the usual discounts, do not receive a DB Regio train ticket through the university and therefore do not have any right to use the public transportation. This especially applies to guest and side students or students of long distance- and online courses of study.

The semester ticket is always valid until the last train stop in Thuringia. When an adjoining regional day ticket (Länder-Ticket Bayern, Niedersachsen, or Hessen) is purchased for the onward journey, the semester ticket is valid up until the state border (regional day tickets are also valid up until the border of Thuringia). In Thuringia the university institute and Studierendenwerk card thoska is valid as a travel ticket (depending on the institute, a paper student ID stating Semesterticket is also valid).


Upon placing an application, the following students can receive a refund for the train ticket contribution fee:

  • handicapped students, who by the law for the severely handicapped in the 9th Book of the Social Security Statute book Studierende, (SGB IX), are entitled to financial support and can provide evidence thereof
  • Students, who are currently in a semester on leave (Attention! Repayment is for the semester fees completely)
  • Students, who are staying at least 21 weeks outside of Thuringia, especially within the framework of their final thesis paper, a semester abroad or an internship semester.

According to the fee regulations of the Studierendenwerk, the corresponding applications must be submitted to the Studierendenwerk by the day before the beginning of the semester. Please use the appropriate refund-form for your university location . The application must have been received in the infopunkt Erfurt office by the official beginning of the semester.

Attention! Only for students of the der FH Erfurt:
Exemption from or refund for the semester ticket fee

At the FH Erfurt, internships are also a mandatory portion of one’s academic studies. An exemption from the semester ticket fee, or a refund thereof, is therefore possible, if you are going to complete an internship or the practical portion of your final thesis outside of of Thuringia within the length of the semester (1st of April to 30th of September or 1st of October to the 31st of March). If you have not yet paid the contribution fee for the according semester, you also have the possibility of being exempted from the semester ticket fee. As proof, we require a corresponding internship contract (a confirmation from the university or the internship company given directly on the application is also sufficient). The exemption is only valid for one semester.

In case you do not receive proof of an internship in time to file for an exemption, you can also apply for a refund of the semester ticket fee. In this case, you should first pay the full fee, in order to avoid any late fees during re-registration. For your application, we need proof of your internship as well as your original student identification card for the proposed semester (at least for the time being). You will receive this identification card back with the overprint “not valid as a transportation ticket”.

Application Fee Exemption for the Semester Ticket

You may submit your application personally in the infopunkt Erfurt office of the Studierendenwerk or you can send us your applications with all of the required documents per postal mail: (Studierendenwerk Thüringen, Department Erfurt, PF 800243, 99028 Erfurt). When processing your application per postal mail, please submit your documents in a sufficiently stamped envelope, so that we are able to send your documents (application for exemption, student identification card, etc.) back to you.


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