Semesterticket Plus

The Semester Ticket Plus is available for graduates (exmatriculated students) of Thuringian universities, who can immediately use the train ticket of the DB Regio (Attention!: does not include public transportation ticket!). The Semester Ticket PLUS can be applied for within 2 months after the date of exmatriculation (effective date) in order to use the regional trains of the Deutschen Bahn.

The contract can start on any day of a month (over an Abo-Startcard) and is valid for a total of 6 consecutive months. The fee will be deducted as a one-time only payment. The fee for the Abo-Start card should be paid in cash after which a preliminary ticket will be immediately issued at the counter. If the Abo-contract is submitted by the 10th of the month, the fee will be booked from the graduate’s account on the 1st of the following month. If the Abo-contract is submitted after the 10th of the month, the fee will be booked from the graduate’s account two months later on the 1st.

The period of validity amounts to 6 months after the effective date. The completely filled out application for the semester ticket can be submitted at the DB Travel Centers or send to:

DB Vertrieb GmbH Abo-Center Stuttgart Postfach 10 10 64 70009 Stuttgart Telefon: 0180 5 011066 *

* 14 Cent/Min aus dem deutschen Festnetz via Vodafone, Tarife bei Mobilfunk max. 42 ct/ Min


The transport fee for the locations of Erfurt, Jena and Weimar amounts to 89,80 €, and 49,80 € for the locations of Ilmenau, Eisenach, Gera, Nordhausen and Schmalkalden. Proof of entitlement to obtaining the semester ticket PLUS can be shown by showing a signed and stamped exmatriculation certificate (or a preliminary certificate, if necessary) from the university for the entitled person. Further and more detailed information concerning the range of validity and tariff regulations as well as the application form can all be obtained from the following links:

Conditions of carriage
Valid Areas
Application Abo Semester Ticket Thüringen Plus


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