Child Care

In order to complete your studies relaxed and conveniently or pursue a career, it is important that your little ones are in good hands and taken care of. In our child care centers your children are not only well taken care of, but they playfully learn for life every day – in the daycare services as well as in the flexible care centers. For this reason, the Studentenwerk Thueringen not only offers you a high-quality early childhood education and upbringing in its child day care centers, but we are also there, when needed, to stand by and offer you advice and support.
Through our convenient locations and increasingly flexible open hours, we are especially there to support student parents and employees of the university. Naturally, the children of students will be given priority.

Child Day Care Centers
Overall, the Studierendenwerk is in charge of eight day care centers at the university cities of Erfurt, Ilmenau, Jena, Nordhausen and Weimar. The share of costs by the parents is calculated according to their income.  The pedagogical work in the children’s facilities is oriented by 3 pillars.  

  • Accordance with the Situational Approach
  • Prejudice-Aware Education and Upbringing
  • Reggio pedagogy
  • Bilingual Education and Upbringing through Methods of Immersion

Appointments can be made in the last week of March or rather in the last week of September with the respective Day Care Center Leader; or you can find our actual appointments on the pages of every day care center.

Other Day Care Centers

In cooperation with the universities the Studierendenwerk is already able to support flexible child care centers in Erfurt (Kinderladen and Räuberhöhle), Jena (Junikinder), Weimar (Bauhäuschen), and also a care center with day nannies in Schmalkalden. Details about the period of day care and about registration can be obtained from the information pages of the according children’s facility.

Calculation of fees

Information regarding calculation of childcare fees for Studentenwerk Thüringen kindergarten facilities

In order to determine the sum of fees to be paid by parents at facilities in Erfurt, Ilmenau, Nordhausen and Weimar, we need the data sheet along with proof of income for the previous calendar year (except in Nordhausen).

For facilities in Jena, childcare fees are the responsibility of the Jena town administration:

The kindergarten year begins on 01.08 and ends on 31.07 at the end of the following year. For the kindergarten year from 01.08.14 to 31.07.15, proof of income from 2013 is required. For the kindergarten year from 01.08.15 to 31.07.16, proof of income from 2014 is required.

Examples of proof of income:

  • notice of income tax (Einkommensteuerbescheid) from previous year
  • notice of annual earnings (Jahresverdienstbescheinigung) from employer
  • proof of childcare allowance (Kindergeld) (e.g. bank statement or letter of notice)
  • proof of form of childcare for another child in the family (another kindergarten, after-school center, childminder)
  • proof of maintenance allowance (Unterhaltsleistungen) as payments already made and payments due
  • notice of pension (Rentenbescheid)
  • notice of parental allowance (Elterngeld)
  • notice of unemployment allowance (Arbeitslosengeld)
  • continuous notice of long-term unemployment allowance (ALG II)
  • notice of housing allowance (Wohngeld)
  • proof of self-employment (e.g. notice of taxation or assessment from an accountant)
  • proof of student loan (BaföG) or bursary
  • proof of other income in money or worth of money

Studentenwerk Thüringen must be informed of changes to current income, a reduction in the number of children eligible for childcare allowance or an increase in childcare requirements. In such cases a recalculation of childcare fees is required.

Legal basis

The sum of childcare fees are calculated according to the income of the previous year, the number of children eligible for childcare allowance and the dates of childcare.

Article regarding the increase in fees for use of Studentenwerk Thüringen childcare facilities from 1st  January 2015

Articles, contracts and funding guidelines of the respective responsible local authority (in german language):



Studentenwerk Thüringen
Abteilung Soziales und Kultur
Sandra Hansmann
Philosophenweg 20
07743 Jena
phone: 03641-930504
fax: 03641-930502


Registrations for Ilmenau, Nordhausen and Weimar take place directly in our childcare facilities. Please fill out the registration form for childcare and send it to the respective kindergarten by post or e-mail:

Karin Fuchs, Max-Planck-Ring 7, 98693 Ilmenau, E-Mail.


Heike Lange, Weinberghof 7, 99734 Nordhausen, E-Mail.

Haus 1 - Merketalstraße 48, 99425 Weimar
Haus 2 - Belvederer Allee 5a, 99425 Weimar
Margit Frank-Kokot, E-Mail.


Registrations for Erfurt need to be done online at the Kita-Online-Portal Erfurt. Please fill in the registration form providing the information requested as well as your status (student or employee of Uni/FH).

Registrations for Jena need to be done online at the Kita-Online-Portal Jena. Please fill in the registration form providing the information requested as well as your status (student or employee of Uni/FH).

Further information can be found in the terms of use for childcare facilities. These are available on request on-site at child care center.


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