The day-care facility will start on 01.12.2020 with limited regular operation with increased protection against infection (level YELLOW). The day care center is open Monday to Friday from 7.30 am to 15:30 pm. Please note in this connection also the following information of the TMJBS.

If necessary, further reductions in opening hours will be announced in the facility.

The flexible childcare facilitiy will also operate in the YELLOW phase from 01.12.2020. Childcare blocks can be booked Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 
Child Day Care Center campus.kinder

A warm welcome...

The two houses of our day care center are located on the campus of the Bauhaus University and in the immediate vicinity of the Stand Center. In the day care center, 90 children can play, learn, do research and educate themselves according to their interests.

Core Concepts

In a child-friendly atmosphere and based on the situational approach, educational opportunities are created oriented to the needs of crèche and kindergarten children. The natural forest provides space for experimentation and measuring forces. With our inclusive approach we enable children and their families to have equal opportunities and to participate in the life of the day care center. Inspired by the "Kinderwelten" project, traces of the children and their families can be found in the playrooms. Close cooperation with the parents is important to us in order to focus on the joint responsibility for the development of the children.

campus.kinder House 1: Bauhausstraße 9b, 99425 Weimar
campus.kinder House 2: Belvederer Allee 5a, 99425 Weimar

House 1: 03643-581593
House 2: 03643-581650

House 1 and 2: kita-campus.kinder(at)stw-thueringen.de

House 1 and 2: Anett Grobe, Sinia Hertrich, Anika Wunderwald

from the age of 7 months until school entry

House 1 and 2: Mo-Fr: 07.00 to 17.00 Uhr

90 children

"wild garden" as well as playground with sand lake, inner courtyard with small stage, raised beds and scooter track

Bauhäuschen - the flexible Child Day Care on the Bauhaus University / HfM

The Studierendenwerk Thüringen offers a flexible childcare service in Amalienstraße 13 in cooperation with Bauhaus University and the Liszt School of Music. Students, as well as employees of Studierendenwerk, the university or the music school, can leave their children in the experienced care of student assistants at Bauhäuschen ('Little Bauhaus') for between two to four hours per day, for a maximum of ten hours a week. This allows parents to attend seminars, visit the library, make use of office hours or simply get everyday chores done. For stress-free work and studying, the opening hours are from 8:00-20:00 Monday-Thursday and 8:00-18:00 on Fridays. Children are able to enjoy two large, well-lit rooms, which are split into play and sleeping areas.

Places are booked in two-hour time slots, which can also be reserved over longer periods of time. Payment takes place in advance at the INFOtake Weimar at a cost of €4.00 per two-hour slot for students and €6.50 for employees.

General Terms and Conditions of Use
Contract of childcare

More details are available at the INFOtake Weimar, Marienstraße 15b (tel. 03643 581506) or in the Equal Opportunity Office at Bauhaus University, Equality Officer Melanie Eichler (tel. 03643 584243).
To the website of the Bauhaus University Weimar about Bauhäuschen.


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