Administrative Board

According to the Thuringian Student Services Act, the bodies of the Studierendenwerk are the Administrative Board and the Managing Director.

Torsten Schubert is appointed as Managing Director.


The Administrative Board is responsible for the fundamental decisions in the Studierendenwerk. The Administrative Board executes the following tasks:

  • decisions on statutes,
  • appointment of the Managing Director and, if necessary, a Deputy Managing Director and dismissal by a majority of two thirds of its members,
  • decision on the annual budget, on the amount of rent and food prices as well as the fees for the use of the facilities of the Studierendenwerk,
  • commission of a publicly appointed auditor to audit the annual financial statements and the management report,
  • receipt and discussion of the audited annual accounts of the Studierendenwerk and to decide on the discharge of the Managing Director by the end of the year following the financial year,
  • issue of guidelines for the management and monitoring their compliance by the Managing Director,
  • decisions on the acquisition, sale and mortgaging of land and land rights of the Studierendenwerk,
  • decisions on taking out loans and providing guarantees,
  • approval of the recruitment and dismissal of employees for positions in remuneration groups l to IV a BAT-O.


The members of the Administrative Board are:

  • four rectors elected by the State Rectors' Conference (Landesrektorenkonferenz),
  • four students elected by the conference of Thuringian students’ associations,
  • one or two representatives from outside the universities; these members of the Administrative Board shall be appointed by the members of the Administrative Board in accordance with numbers 1, 2, 5 and 6,
  • one student elected by the Conference of Thuringian students' associations on a parity basis with the members of the Administrative Board according to number 3.

Current members:

Prof. Dr. Steffen TeichertChairmanPresident EAH Jena
Paul StaabDeputy ChairmanStudent FSU Jena
Prof. Dr. Jörg Wagner MemberPresident UAS Nordhausen
Prof. Peter BenzMemberPresident BU Weimar
Prof. Dr. Burkhard Utecht MemberPresident of the Cooperative University Gera-Eisenach
Christian HeiseMemberMunicipality Jena
Jule Büttnerstudent memberStudent TU Ilmenau
Thomas Olbrichtstudent memberStudent TU Ilmenau
Tim Modelstudent memberStudent HfM Weimar
Henry Hellstudent memberStudent UAS Erfurt
Levke Jansendeputy student memberStudent FSU Jena
Maximilian Kellerdeputy student memberStudent TU Ilmenau

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