Advisory services

We offer individual and couples counselling, mediation, group counselling, and writing-based online counselling.
You can contact us if you, for example,

  • suffer from learning and work disorders,
  • have difficulties getting in touch with other people,
  • conflict with your parents, in a partnership or in a shared flat,
  • often feel overwhelmed and insecure,
  • are tormented by fears of exams and other anxieties,
  • are limited by depressive moods,
  • are at risk of addiction or addicted (Internet, drugs, food...),
  • often doubt yourself and/or your studies,
  • feel that your studies are a never-ending story,
  • need information about psychotherapy.

In an initial meeting (make an appointment), you can calmly discuss your concerns with a neutral person. Among other things, we will discuss what goal you have in mind for counselling and what kind of support is possible within the framework of psychosocial counselling. The first contact can be followed by further meetings.

If you wish, you are addressed anonymously.

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