If you are in a hurry...

We prefer to welcome you in our dining halls and cafeterias on site. However, if you are in a hurry, you can also take your food and drinks with you.
There are various options available to you for this:

Bring your own reusable container

Any reusable containers are permitted. Hand them to the kitchen staff over the serving counter.

Please do not use your own containers at the salad, dessert and pasta counters. This is because these products have to be weighed at the checkouts and the weight of the available bowls and plates will be offset. After paying, however, these dishes can also be transferred into a container that you have brought with you.

Buy a container

There are various containers available for you to buy. Please feel free to inform yourself on site.

Rent a Relevo reusable container

You can rent various Relevo reusable containers in several sizes. The most important questions and answers are summarised here:

1. Register

Download the Relevo app and register free of charge. Registration is necessary because it is the only way the system can recognise that you are participating in the system and which reusable containers you have rented. Regarding data protection, the app informs you that Studierendenwerk Thüringen does not collect any personal data.

2. Order

Tell us at the serving counter that you would like to take your food in reusable containers or fill the reusable containers yourself at the self-service counters.

3. Scan

Scan the QR code on the reusable containers and show the scan confirmation at the cash desk. The loan fee will also be booked there and debited from your thoska when you pay. It is theft if you do not scan the QR code or show the scan confirmation.

This completes the rental.

4. Enjoy

Enjoy your food and drinks - on the road, in the WG, wherever you like.

5. Return

Return the dishes after 14 days at the latest without any major food residues. Instructions for returning dishes are posted in all participating dining halls and cafeterias. Scan the return QR code at the dish return points. The system will register your return. 

Relevo will also remind you to return your dishes. You can extend the return period in the app once by five days. After that, Relevo will charge you a "climate fee" for unreturned containers of €10 per bowl and €5 per cup from the bank account you specified during registration (PayPal, Sepa direct debit mandate or Visa credit card). Relevo collects your bank details for this purpose only. 

The containers are then considered purchased and can no longer be used in the dining halls or cafeterias. This also clearly shows how important it is that the containers are returned to the facilities and can be made available again to other guests. Only in this way can the reusable principle be guaranteed in the long term.

The containers are made of the plastic styrene acrylonitrile (SAN for short) and the lids of TPE (thermoplastic elastomers). Everything is free of BPA and melamine and therefore suitable for eating food. 

The containers are leakproof and shatterproof and can be washed in the dishwasher. The dishes can be placed in the microwave without the lid for a maximum of two minutes at 600 watts (Attention: The lids are not suitable for the microwave.). Due to the SAN plastic, please do not heat the dishes in the oven.

With the Packaging Act of 2021, from 2023 we are obliged to offer reusable containers as an alternative to single-use containers for takeaway food and drinks. With the Relevo reusable system, we comply with this legal obligation.

Together with our partner Relevo, we also want to make a further contribution to sustainability in our university catering facilities and, in the future, replace disposable packaging.

In all our dining halls and cafeterias.

Relevo works with many other catering establishments and charges them a rental fee per rental. It is then up to the partners themselves how they charge these costs. Often these are calculated into meal prices without the costs per use of the Relevo system becoming visible.

Wir finden es jedoch fairer, die Gebühr direkt an die Studierenden weiterzugeben, die das Relevo-Geschirr auch tatsächlich nutzen.

More information about the Relevo system can be found on the website of Relevo

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