Primary residence

Some Thuringian university cities offer a financial incentive for students who register their primary residence there.

The city of Gera grants students who take up their primary residence in Gera, an allowance on application. Students are entitled to apply if the following applies to them:
- registered for the first time with primary residence or sole residence in Gera,
- still registered in Gera as of 31 December of the year for which the allowance is being applied for,
- and not yet completed the 35th year of age.
The city of Gera grants an allowance of € 100 per calendar year. You may apply for this grant for a maximum of three years in a row if you have continuously maintained your primary residence / sole place of residence in Gera.
Information about the allocation of an allowance and the application process is available on the website of the city of Gera.

The city of Ilmenau offers all students who study in Ilmenau and reside in Ilmenau on 31 December, an annual allowance of € 80. The application must be submitted by 31 December of each year at the latest. The application is online.

The city of Jena pays an educational grant as an incentive to all students who have registered their primary residence in Jena for the first time and are under 30 years of age. This "Hauptwohnsitz-Prämie" amounts to €60 for one semester. The application is available for a total of two semesters, i.e., a maximum of € 120 for the entire time in Jena and must be submitted for the current calendar year by 31 December. Please use the appropriate form for your application.

You must complete this form and submit it to INFOtake in Jena, along with the certificate(s) of enrollment for the semester(s) you are applying for and a copy of the registration confirmation from your local registration office. You can submit all documents by mail or post them in the mailboxes of INFOtake at Ernst-Abbe-Platz 5. The mailboxes are emptied several times a day. Due to infection control, you should avoid visiting the INFOtake in person. FThe processing of the primary residence premium will only be done by e-mail and via the mailboxes/inboxes. Delayed receipts cannot be considered.

Payment is made once a year and postponed in the following calendar year in May, without notification by the city of Jena, transferred by the Studierendenwerk Thüringen.

Students in Schmalkalden can apply for semester fees to be paid. The basic semester fees are paid when students have registered their primary residence in Schmalkalden. This also applies to those students who were already registered with their primary residence in Schmalkalden prior to their studies and have decided to study at UAS Schmalkalden. The application must be made once when the student begins his or her studies. The basic semester fees are paid for a maximum period of eight semesters and when students are under 30 years of age at the beginning of the semester.

If you have any questions, please contact the Schmalkalden municipality.

The city of Weimar grants students a bonus when they move their primary residence to Weimar (including districts) as of 01 January 2020 and provide proof of their primary residence on two consecutive reference dates, respectively on 31 December (1st reference date) and 31 December of the following year (2nd reference date).

This also includes international students who register their only place of residence in Germany in Weimar.

The amount of the one-time bonus is 300 euros.

The application must be submitted in writing by 31 March of the year following the 2nd deadline. Payment is made by 30 September of the year of application to a domestic bank account (cash payments or transfers to foreign accounts are not possible).

It will probably not be possible to apply for the training bonus until January 2022. The application requirements are met when:

  • you can prove your status as a student at an institution of higher education by means of a copy of a currently valid certificate of enrolment,
  • your first primary residence in Weimar is on or after 01 January 2020 (1st reference date 31 December) and
  • you have kept this registration at least until 31 December of the following year (2nd reference date) (proof is provided by an extended registration certificate as a copy),
  • you provide a valid identity card or passport,
  • you have submitted the application by 31 March of the year following the 2nd reference date (in the case of applications received after 31 March, payment will be made in the following year).

And this is how it is done - here is an example:

  • You have moved to Weimar for the winter semester 2020/21 to study.
  • Register by 31 December of the current year with your primary residence in the citizens' office of the city of Weimar. Since you need a personal appointment for this purpose due to Corona, you must do this by 28 February 2021.
  • Then you will have to wait a few months and you are not allowed to deregister from Weimar or change your primary residence to a secondary residence during this time.
  • As of 01 January 2022, you can obtain an extended registration certificate from the citizens' registration office of the city of Weimar.
  • With this registration certificate, your current enrolment certificate, your ID card or passport, and the completed application form, come to INFOtake Weimar by 31 March 2022 and submit the documents.
  • When all documents are complete and the application has been made correctly, the Studierendenwerk will pay you the 300 euros training bonus from the city of Weimar by 30 September 2022.

Contact: INFOtake Weimar

Information on the registration of the primary residence:
Students are required to appear in person to register for their primary residence. Due to the Corona pandemic, an appointment is necessary to be made in the citizens' office providing students the opportunity to change their primary residence with retroactive effect for December 2020 by 28 February 2021.

Please note

Before changing your registration to your primary residence, please note the following information:

  • When you are insured in certain insurances taken out your parents, please check before re-registering whether these policies are still valid for you. This may concern, for example, liability, household contents or legal protection insurance, where the insurance cover is linked to the household membership. This can also be provided by the secondary residence with your parents.
  • As a rule, you can apply for housing allowance at your primary residence (if you are entitled to do so).
  • As a rule, you can only exercise the right to vote at your primary residence.
  • For benefits according to BAföG, it is irrelevant where you live.
  • The change of residence has no effect on child benefits, as the entitlement is not dependent on the place of residence.
  • The re-registration does not usually apply to child allowance, home ownership subsidy and housing subsidy either, provided that your secondary residence remains with your parents.
  • Your car can only be registered at your primary residence.

If you have any questions about the above-mentioned issues, please contact our information centres or the General Social Counselling Service.

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