Rental portal

The tenant portal will soon be available here for tenants living in the Studierendenwerk Thüringen housing complexes.

During the Corona pandemic, please note:

Until further notice, the personal office hours of the Student Housing Department are by appointment only. Please call or email your contact person to schedule an appointment.

The contact information for your designated contact person can be found in the table below.

Wohnanlagen Erfurt
Greßler, Petra
Phone: 0361-6442308
Fax: 0361-7371991
Greßler, Petra
Phone: 0361-7371871
Fax: 0361-7371991
Hanselka, Elvira
Phone: 0361-7371819
Fax: 0361-7371991
Müller, Silke
Phone: 0361-7371806
Fax: 0361-7371991
Wohnanlagen Ilmenau
Amling, Marlene
Phone: 03677-691916
Fax: 03677-693301
Stutzig, Heike
Phone: 03677-691915
Fax: 03677-693301
Zentgraf, Undine
Phone: 03677-691639
Fax: 03677 - 693301
Wohnanlagen Jena
Karl-Marx-Allee 1/3/5
Emil-Wölk-Straße 7/9
hired flats
Bromme, Carolin
Phone: 03641-208818
Brückner, Katja
Phone: 03641-394823
Kaufmann, Maria
Phone: 03641-9400656
Fax: 03641-9400502
Kipker, Katharina-Maria
Phone: 03641-9400665
Fax: 03641-9400502
Künnecke, Susann
Phone: 03641-9400673
Schmidt, Tatjana
Phone: 03641-9400666
Schäfer, Claudia
Phone: 03641-208817
Wohnanlagen Nordhausen
Fritsch, Holger
Phone: 03631-901028
Fax: 03631-901028
Wohnanlagen Schmalkalden
Schatt, Eileen
Phone: 03683-469110
Fax: 03683-469113
Wohnanlagen Weimar
Hoffmann, Nico
Phone: 03643-581535
Warschinke, Xiarui
Phone: 03643-581660
Fax: 03643-581662
Zündel, Corina
Phone: 03643-581663
Fax: 03643-581662

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