Residential tutors

To assist international students in settling in and staying in Thuringia, the Studierendenwerk has residential tutors. They help newly arrived students, especially international students, to cope with their new living environment, the facilities of the universities and the Studierendenwerk as well as the city. During the semester, the residential tutors organize numerous cultural and sporting events (see notices in the houses). Thus, they help the international students to familiarize themselves quickly with their new "temporary home" and to establish social contacts.

The residential tutors in Ilmenau work together with the students' tutors in the project "Wohntutorium" (residential tutoring) and jointly organize the campus life at the Ilmenau Technical University.

International tenants receive the contacts of the residential tutors responsible for their residential home when they sign their contract.

Should you be interested in actively participating in the residential tutorial program, please contact us.


for Erfurt and Nordhausen:
Silke Müller
Nordhäuser Straße 63 
99089 Erfurt 
Phone: 0361-7371806
Fax: 0361-7371991
for Ilmenau and Schmalkalden:
Marlene Amling
Max-Planck-Ring 9 
98693 Ilmenau 
Phone: 03677-691917
for Jena:
Wencke Riemland & Julia Zehnpfund
Philosophenweg 20 
07743 Jena 
Phone: 03641-9400663 oder 9400665
Fax: 03641-9400502
for Weimar:
Sybille Küttner
Marienstr. 15a 
99423 Weimar 
Phone: 03643-581535
Fax: 03643-581662

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