Leisure accident insurance

In addition to the statutory accident insurance, students are also insured against accidents during their free time by the Studierendenwerk Thüringen. Insured are enrolled students including diploma students and doctoral students at the universities in the responsibility of the Studierendenwerk.

The insurance coverage includes accidents that affect the insured persons during their free time - i.e., all accidents, according to the General Insurance Terms and Conditions, that are not covered by the statutory accident insurance. Accidents are also covered if the insured person does an internship in preparation for his or her profession, provided that this activity is part of the preparation for the exam. In case of doubt, the decision of the statutory accident insurance institution or the employers' liability insurance association is decisive. The insurance coverage begins with registration and ends when leaving the university (exam, doctorate, deregistration). Accidents during extreme sports are excluded.

As a rule, insurance coverage applies worldwide, although certain areas (including war and crisis zones) are excluded. Therefore, you should clarify this in good time before your stay abroad and, if necessary, take out private insurance. You can send an appropriate request to the insurance company via the information centres.

The prerequisite for benefits from the insurance provider is, among other things, that the Studierendenwerk is informed as soon as possible (within seven days) and that the accident is reported to the insurance company. Please complete and sign the accident report and hand it in to the respective information centre together with the necessary documents (e.g., enrolment certificate, refusal of statutory accident insurance, etc.). The Studierendenwerk will forward the documents to the insurance company. Should the insurance company require clarification or further documents, they will contact you directly.
Inform your parents and/or relatives so that they report the accident if you are unable to do so after the accident. To be on the safe side, also inform the statutory accident insurance or, in the case of an accident during an internship, the relevant employers' liability insurance association.


Where to report

Cooperative University Gera-Eisenach, Location Eisenach

INFOtake Jena

UAS Erfurt

infopunkt Erfurt

University Erfurt

infopunkt Erfurt

Cooperative University Gera-Eisenach, Location Gera

INFOtake Jena

Ilmenau University of Technology

Information centre in ASC Ilmenau

UAS "Ernst Abbe" Jena

INFOtake Jena

Friedrich Schiller University Jena

INFOtake Jena

UAS Nordhausen

infopunkt Erfurt

UAS Schmalkalden

Information centre Schmalkalden

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

INFOtake Weimar

University of Music Franz Liszt Weimar

INFOtake Weimar

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