Statutory accident insurance

Students are covered by the statutory accident insurance during their education and training at universities when they are enrolled at a state-recognized university. This also includes diploma students and doctoral students when they are completing their diploma thesis or preparing for their doctorate.
Insurance coverage begins on the day of registration and ends when the student leaves the university (exams, graduation, de-registration), but no later than the end of the semester.

When assessing insurance coverage, it is important whether the activity leading to the accident can be attributed to the organizational area of responsibility of the university. There must be a direct spatial and temporal connection between education and training at the university and the student's activity. Insurance coverage is also provided on the direct routes to and from the university. Private interruptions or detours for personal reasons, such as shopping, are not insured. More detailed information on this can be obtained from the Unfallkasse.
Unfallkassen are the accident insurance institutions for the public sector.

Examples of insurance cases:

  • attendance of lectures and seminars,
  • visit to university libraries,
  • participation in revision courses and excursions at home and abroad only if they are planned and organized by the university,
  • participation in university sports activities,
  • participation in the student self-administration.

Not insured are for example:

  • studying outside the university, such as study groups learning together for an exam or independent studies at home,
  • privately organized study trips,
  • revision courses with private tutors,
  • private interruptions of the route to the university or home,
  • detours for private reasons,
  • private activities on the university premises, such as going to the cafeteria for a meal.

The Unfallkasse checks whether there is insurance cover in each individual case. Therefore, a different assessment is not excluded.

Please inform yourself in good time before your stay abroad at the Unfallkasse and, if necessary, take out private insurance.

Be it an accident at home or abroad: Notify the accident reporting office (see below) of the respective university as soon as possible. There, the accident will be reported to the Unfallkasse Thüringen.
Inform the medical staff treating you that it is an accident in connection with your studies at a university.

For internships in degree programs, there is usually no direct influence of the university on both the way in which the internship is carried out and on the procedure for the internship. During the internship, the students are integrated into the company's operations and are insured against accidents there as employees. In this respect, it is not important whether the internship is mandatory in the degree program or the examination regulations or whether it is carried out on a voluntary basis. The company providing the internship is responsible for accident insurance and it bears the costs of the insurance coverage with the contributions to the accident insurance.

Practice-integrated dual studies
During the practical training of the practice-integrated dual degree programs in the companies, students are generally obligated to perform work typical of an employee, they are integrated into the company and are bound by instructions. In return, they usually receive a monthly salary. According to these terms and conditions, students are considered employees of the internship company during this period, i.e., they are insured during the internship. They are covered by the accident insurance of the internship company. During studies at the university, on the other hand, insurance coverage is provided by the Unfallkasse.

Please note:
A different assessment of the insurance coverage and the responsibility for the practical training period in deviating individual cases is not excluded. In cases of doubt, the facts must be clarified in advance by the responsible university and the Unfallkasse. The latter is to verify whether the practical period takes place within the university's area of responsibility and whether the university is responsible for it.

See also leisure accident insurance for students.


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