Semester fee of the Studierendenwerk

The semester fee consists of the basic fee for the Studierendenwerk - which is the same for all students and is used to carry out the Studierendenwerk's social mission - and the amount for the semester ticket. Erfurt and Jena also adds the "Kulturticket" (cultural ticket). In addition, the elected student councils and some universities charge certain additional fees.
According to the Thuringian Studierendenwerk Act, all students must pay a fixed fee to the Studierendenwerk per semester (see the fee regulations for the winter semester 2023/24 resp. fee regulations for the summer semester 2024). This is no tuition fee but enables the Studierendenwerk to fulfil certain social tasks for the benefit of the students. The basic amount for the Studierendenwerk is used, among other things, to pay insurance premiums, to support cultural initiatives and events by providing rooms and financial support, and to co-finance counselling and services. However, the major part is used to subsidize the student meal prices. Thus, all students contribute to ensure that all students can afford lunch.

The semester fee is collected by the universities at re-registration.

Please contact our information centres or your students' offices for further details.

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