About us

We are a multi-professional team providing counselling for students at different university campuses in Thuringia.

Dr. Ralf Albrecht
I was born in Jena in 1969, studied social work and did my doctorate at the FSU Jena on the topic of "Youth Culture and Rhythm". The basis of my counselling work is a 3-year training in systemic counselling and therapy/family therapy (DGSF).
I will gladly support you with appreciation, compassion, experiential knowledge, and professional expertise in managing your individual problem situation.
ralf.albrecht@stw-thueringen.de; Phone: 03641-9400694

Uwe Köppe
Born in 1961 in Erfurt, I now live in Erfurt again after a long absence. After training as a counsellor and mediator and since 2001 I have been counselling students in a resource- and solution-oriented way focusing on helping them to help themselves.
uwe.koeppe@stw-thueringen.de; Phone: 0361-7371820

portrait of advisor Uwe Köppe

Annett Kretschmer
I graduated in social pedagogy and have been working at the Studierendenwerk Thüringen since 1997. After extra-occupational training as a counsellor, I have been working in the psychosocial counselling centre in Jena since 2001 and for the students on the Weimar campus since 2019.
annett.kretschmer@stw-thueringen.de; Phone: 03643-581681

portrait of advisor Annett Kretschmer

Theresa Schmidt
I was born in Leipzig in 1982, grew up in the Thuringian Forest and have been living in Jena since 2001. After my studies (educational sciences and others) I started my training as a systemic counsellor and then as a systemic therapist / family therapist (DGSF).
I like to advise in a resource and self-compassion-oriented way.
theresa.schmidt@stw-thueringen.de; Phone: 03641-9400693 

portrait of advisor Theresa Schmidt

Dina Thäle-Hoffmann
I was born in Brandenburg in 1982 and grew up in various German Länder. In 2003 I studied social sciences and education in Jena and found my home here. In addition to my professional activities after my studies in the field of inpatient youth welfare and vocational rehabilitation, I completed my training as a systemic counsellor and then as a systemic therapist / family therapist (DGSF).
dina.thaele-hoffmann@stw-thueringen.de; Mobile: 0151-54468231

portrait of advisor Dina Thäle-Hoffmann

Birgit Thurm
Born in 1961 in Jena, I have been working in the psycho-social counselling service of the Studierendenwerk Thüringen since 2015. I am a certified social pedagogue, systemic counsellor and systemic coach and supervisor (all training programs DGSF certified).
birgit.thurm@stw-thueringen.de; Phone: 03641-9400690

portrait of advisor Birgit Thurm

Monique Weinert
I was born in Erfurt in 1977 and still feel at home there. As a trained psychosocial counsellor I support my clients by means of resource- and solution-oriented counselling to be self-determined in managing their lives.
monique.weinert@stw-thueringen.de; Phone: 0361-7371830

portrait of advisor Monique Weinert

Stefan Weniger
My professional start was in children's and youth welfare. I gained practical as well as theoretical experience in addiction support, adult education, and psychiatry for many years. Due to my wide range of methods, I would like to be the assistance you are looking for.
stefan.weniger@stw-thueringen.de; Phone: 03677-693813

portrait of advisor Stefan Weniger

Jörg Wittemann
Born in 1973 in Weimar, I now live with my family in Jena. After my studies and graduation as a psychologist, I completed the advanced training as a systemic consultant (DGSF) and systemic therapist / family therapist (DGSF). I provide counselling according to the systemic approach in a resource- and solution-oriented way.
joerg.wittemann@stw-thueringen.de; Phone: 03641-9400695

portrait of advisor Jörg Wittemann

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