Leisure activities

It is our concern to provide you with a diverse cultural life at your places of study during your studies. Therefore, we offer a range of leisure activities that will ease your start in your new home and enrich your student life.

Students' Clubs

The Studierendenwerk Thüringen provides ten students' clubs in Thuringia with rent-free rooms. Thus, these clubs can offer you favourable entrance fees and culinary options as well as a varied cultural programme. In addition, the staff of the cultural offices are available to provide the clubs with advice and assistance. Feel free to drop by - as a guest and as a member. The clubs are always on the lookout for motivated contributors.

Logo of the student club

Max-Planck-Ring 16, 98693 Ilmenau

Logo of the student club

Max-Planck-Ring 16, 98693 Ilmenau

Logo of the student club

Max-Planck-Ring 18, 98693 Ilmenau

Logo of the student club

Max-Planck-Ring 2, 98693 Ilmenau

Logo of the student club

Max-Planck-Ring 2, 98693 Ilmenau

Logo of the student club

Café Wagner
Wagnergasse 26, 07743 Jena

Logo of the student club

Spitzweidenweg 28, 07743 Jena

Logo of the student club

Karzer Studierendenclub
Weinberghof 4, 99734 Nordhausen

Logo of the student club

Studentenclub Schmalkalden
Blechhammer 9b, 98574 Schmalkalden

Logo of the student club

Goetheplatz 10, 99423 Weimar

Logo of the student club

Projekt EINS – Kulturräume
Schützengasse 2
99423 Weimar
Tel. 0364358 3039

International Centre Jena

The International Centre is an intercultural meeting place offering plenty of space for your ideas, events and projects. The centre's numerous counselling and leisure activities have made it the first point of contact for newly arrived international and German students in Jena.

The International Centre Jena is a cooperation project of the Friedrich Schiller University and the Ernst Abbe University Jena, the two student councils, the city of Jena and the Studierendenwerk.

Internationales Centrum
Haus auf der Mauer
Johannisplatz 26
07743 Jena


Haus auf der Mauer, photo by Konrad Linke

Cross-cultural events

The Studierendenwerk Thüringen organises three intercultural event series at the locations Erfurt, Weimar, and Jena. These events take place weekly during the lecture period and offer you the opportunity to experience internationality at first hand. You are invited to learn about different cultures and people, listen to interesting lectures and share your own experiences, taste typical food, or watch traditional dances. The entrance is always free of charge.

Logo of Café International Jena
Logo of Culture Talk Weimar
Logo of Café International Erfurt

Café International Jena

There are currently no face-to-face events. Visit our online events on Facebook, which take place every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. during the lecture period.


Culture Talk

There are currently no face-to-face events. Visit our online events on Facebook, which take place every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. during the lecture period.



Café International Erfurt

There are currently no face-to-face events. Visit our online events on Facebook, which take place every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. during the lecture period.


Kulturticket Jena (Culture Ticket Jena)

Students of the Friedrich Schiller University (FSU) and the Ernst Abbe University (EAH) in Jena receive a cultural ticket for two euros per semester paid with the semester fee. This ticket includes admission to events at the Jena Theaterhaus, the Jena Philharmonic Hall and the municipal museums.

To get admission to events and facilities without having to pay extra, you must first buy tickets at the ticket/box offices and bring your student ID (thoska) with you. Admission is only granted on presentation of this ticket and a valid thoska card with the note "Semesterticket".

The Kulturticket does not include the Philharmonic Ball and New Year's Eve Concert, the Long Night of Museums, the dance festival "Theatre in Motion" and the summer event to open the Cultural Arena.

In addition, students with a short period of attendance at the university during a semester have the opportunity to submit an application for exemption or reimbursement before the beginning of the semester.

The Kulturticket Jena is valid in the following cultural institutions:

Jenaer Philharmonie
Carl-Zeiß-Platz 10
07743 Jena

Stadtmuseum Jena
Markt 7
07743 Jena

Kunstsammlung Jena
Markt 7
07743 Jena

Romantikerhaus Jena
Unterm Markt 12a
07743 Jena

Deutsches Optisches Museum
Carl-Zeiss-Platz 12
07743 Jena

Theaterhaus Jena
Schillergässchen 1
07745 Jena

Theaterhaus Jena
Philharmonic orchestra at a concert in Volkshaus Jena

Drawing workshops

The drawing workshop of the Studierendenwerk on the subject of Nudes takes place during the lecture period of the University of Jena in the Haus auf der Mauer (International Centre) every Thursday, 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.. Under the artistic direction of the freelance artist Astrid Leiterer you can give free rein to your creativity. Previous knowledge is not necessary.

The participants use pencil, charcoal, pastel chalk, red chalk or ink to try to put the fascination of the line of the human body, the fascination of the expression of the human being itself as well as the representation of the character of the individual on paper. The understanding of proportions, the creation of internal drawings through hatching and the reproduction of the living expression of the model up to abstraction requires a high degree of observation, concentration and creativity and trains the artists not only in drawing.

Drawing by Astrid Leiterer

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