The menu concept mensaVital is our contribution to a healthy diet. Balanced recipes create wholesome and sustainable dishes prepared with fresh ingredients.

mensaVital stands for:

  • nutritionally balanced combination of ingredients*
  • vitamin-preserving and low-fat cooking
  • use of high-quality fats and oils
  • our contribution to the " Five a day " campaign (five portions of fruit and vegetables a day)
  • careful food selection (whole grains, legumes, nuts, lean meat, crisp veggie mix)
  • daily offer of fish, meat, vegan, and vegetarian dishes in a balanced mix
  • refraining from fried and breaded foods
  • refraining from using significantly prefabricated products
  • fresh and natural ingredients
  • refraining from using flavours and flavour enhancers
  • use of fresh herbs instead of a seasoning mix
  • creative recipes with seasonal foods
  • combination of regional and international cuisine

* One portion at lunch corresponds to the energy requirement for the midday meal of an adult (19-65 years) with sedentary occupation (physical activity level = 1.4).
Source: German Nutrition Society. (DGE). (2008). Quality standards for company catering (1st ed.). Bonn: DGE.

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