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Instructions on the application procedure

Start of application for the winter semester: 01 April of the year in which the degree programme is to be started.
Start of application for the summer semester: 01 October of the previous year.

Accommodation is let in the Studierendenwerk's residential homes for temporary use and for the purpose of studying. You can find all information about the residences on these pages. Certain types of housing (including single apartments) are only available in limited numbers and will therefore not be available for selection in the application form.

All students enrolled at the state universities in Thuringia are entitled to live there. A certificate of enrolment is not yet required for the application. It is only mandatory when the tenancy agreement is signed.

You can specify special requirements/residential preferences for the place of residence in the information field of the application form.

Fill out the fields of the online application completely. Only one application is accepted per location and move-in date. (Subsequent) changes can be submitted by e-mail (Please note the e-mail addresses of the individual locations!).

Once all data has been entered, please complete the form by clicking on the green "Send" button.

Please note: If you have already signed a tenancy agreement with the Studierendenwerk Thüringen and would like to move, please do not use the online application. Please contact your responsible administrative officer instead and ask for the "Application for Moving" form, which will be made available to you in personalised form.

You receive a confirmation by e-mail immediately after sending the online application. You must confirm the application via the link provided in the email to validate the application. Then your application is registered in the Studierendenwerk. After the application has been successfully registered, you receive another e-mail with information on the application procedure.

All personal data required to process this application is stored and treated confidentially by Studierendenwerk Thüringen in accordance with the applicable national and European data protection regulations. For more details, please refer to the data protection declaration and the applicable data privacy guidelines of the Studierendenwerk Thüringen.

You will be asked by e-mail up to three times before the start of the room allocation process whether you are still interested in a place to live. You must confirm your application within the specified period via a link in the e-mail. If you do not respond to this inquiry, your application will be deleted from the application list.

Dormitory places are allocated six weeks before the start of the semester at the earliest, depending on the free capacities according to the chronological order of the applications received. The same admission and rental terms apply to all housing places (see informationen on the rental agreement). Hardship cases are given priority according to the occupancy guidelines. For the recognition of a case of hardship, evidence, e.g., a severely handicapped pass, is required.

As soon as a place to live is available for you, you will receive an offer by e-mail (Please also check spam mail folder.).

Now you can decide. Do you want to accept our offer? If the acceptance deadline is not met, the offer expires automatically, and your application is cancelled.

Good to know: Your requests indicated in the online application will be considered if possible and if there is sufficient capacity. If your specified housing preferences have not been considered, all other options are probably already let.

Please note:
The application does not simultaneously ensure a place to live. Should you not be able to receive an offer due to a lack of available housing on the desired move-in date, your housing application is automatically void.

Let us start from the beginning: However, if you are still interested in a place to live, a new online application is required. Please note the corresponding application date.

If you are looking for suitable accommodation, you are also welcomed to use the offers of the private accomodation agencies in the individual cities.


The application phase for the winter semester 2021/2022 (move-in date October 1st, 2021) has been completed. Applications submitted as of now have little chance of success due to insufficient capacities.
Applicants who need a place to live soon can find an overview of our current offers here.
We recommend using the search on the private housing market or our private accommodation servive.


You can apply for the summer semester 2022 from October 1st, 2021.

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