FAQ for tenants

Accomodation with the Studierendenwerk

You can find the contact details and office hours of your facility manager and the responsible officer for your case in the rental portal. In addition, you can find the office hours of your responsible facility manager/janitor directly at the office in the residential home.

You can live in the student residences for the standard length of your studies. In addition, you have the option to extend your period of residence by up to two semesters. Extension requests must be submitted in writing no later than eight weeks prior to the end of your contract. Please report to the responsible officer in a timely manner.

Should you wish to move within our student residential homes, you can submit an appropriate application provided by the responsible officer. Moves within the residential home or to another Studierendenwerk residential home are only possible if there is free capacity and sufficient justification. There is no entitlement to a move.

Please contact the responsible officer or the information centres for information on the Internet Agreement.

Any - even partial - subletting of the rented rooms by the tenant is only permitted to students and only with the approval of the Studierendenwerk. Subletting can be approved once by the Studierendenwerk as a gesture of goodwill when the tenant wishes to sublet the room to another student for the purpose of a study-related internship or stay abroad (proof, e.g., internship contract or certificate from the university required). You can obtain the form for recording the necessary contact data from the responsible officer.

In almost every residential home there are washing machines and tumble dryers. The payment function of the thoska can be used.

You will find instructions on how to use the thoska in the residential homes here.

Movin out

You have the right to terminate the rental agreement in writing by giving six weeks' notice to the end of the semester (see also § 4 General Rental Terms and Conditions).

Please note: The rental contracts in the Studierendenwerk are concluded exclusively for a limited period. The tenancy ends automatically at the end of the contractually agreed period. This is stated in your rental contract. Please arrange a preliminary and final appointment for the move-out inspection of the accommodation with the facility manager/janitor in good time.

Tenants who lived in a Studierendenwerk residential complex before may reapply for accommodation if the maximum rental period (corresponding to the standard length of study) has not been met at the time of moving out. Previous rental periods are considered as part of the term of the contract when the contract is concluded.

The deposit will be transferred to an account specified by you after the end of the rental contract and the move-out inspection of the accommodation, usually after two months.

Notification of claim

Please inform the facility manager immediately about the damage/defect. The best way to do this is to use the form "Notification of defects", which you will find in his/her office.

Please note: In the event of failure to report damage or late reporting of damage, the tenant himself/herself may be held liable, even if he/she is not at fault for the damage (see also § 10 General Rental Terms and Conditions).


An emergency service can be called after office hours. Important telephone numbers are listed on the notice board in the entrance area of your residential home.

In case of emergency (e.g., in case of power failure in the entire residential complex or on a complete floor or in case of a water pipe burst), please contact your facility manager (Please note the office hours.). After office hours, please contact the emergency numbers listed on the building's notice board.

During regular service hours, please report to your facility management. Please note that the charges for issuing a replacement key or a locking card are based on the current table of charges. Additional costs may arise if the door is opened by an external service company (emergency or locksmith service).

Should the locking card be defective, either the facility manager or the emergency service (outside office hours) is to be contacted.

TV and radio licence fee

A monthly TV and radio licence fee is charged for every apartment in Germany. The ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice is responsible for this, which is also the central contact address for your questions.

Registration and deregistration as well as more detailed information on the broadcasting fee at:


Housing allowance

If you have any questions about housing allowance, please contact the General Social Counseling Service of the Studierendenwerk.

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