Residential Home Am Herrenrödchen 1a-d


Am Herrenrödchen 1a-d
99427 Weimar

Number of places


Available dormitory types

83 x Shared apartment

Equipment of the dormitory

size single rooms 12m² - 23m² in 2 and 3 person shared flats,
some rooms with balcony,
rooms fully furnished,
fitted kitchen, shower / WC,
TV and telephone connection in every room,
Internet (LAN connection in every room),
washing machines and dryer in the house, bicycle room,
sports field and open-air stage at the object

rent from 01 June 2022

216 € - 269 €

Other costs

Deposit: € 300.00
Internet fees: € 10.00 / month

Parking facilities

sufficent available

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